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Hobby update - All aboard

This weekend, Alan and I are playing the &TV Vlads Army campaign at Call to Arms. In the second scenario you need a passenger train and a station. Here is the Warhampster on Sea train station. This is a kit from Sarissa Precision Now here is the station with the train. Will the local defense force be able to stop the vampires from going on their summer holidays. I have been working on some Star Trek miniatures. I have some Klingons I also have plenty of Federation crew members. We have some command, science and engineering models. We also have a mix of different skin tones and a few non-humans as well. Here are the bridge crew, these uniforms are from the movie era. I have a set of the bridge crew in their TOS uniforms that are supposed to be coming. These models will be great for 5 Parsecs from Home. Rather than be the bridge crew who would all be experienced officers I think the adventuring party will be comprised of junior officers and enlisted personnel. The starship can also b

Stargrave - 40k - Super 64 is going down

For the third mission we played the crashed shuttle mission. Again, we decided to include a Foe from Dead or Alive. Because we are playing this two player we generated opponents for each of the five treasure markers. Inquisitor Rathbourne's comm's team intercepts part of the conversation between Super 64 and the control tower. ...Super 64 plane captain: "I've got a blow out flaperon three" Sector Controller: "Get your pitch to zero" Super 64 Plane captain: "Pitch is out! I can't hold altitude!" Sector Controller: "Correction, auto hold is off, turn selectors to emergency!" Super 64 plane captain: "Flight com! I can't hold it she's breaking up! She's break..... zzzzzzzzz" Inquisitor Rathbourne "decode the identity of Super 64" "Sir Super 64 decodes as Imperial One" So Super 64 has gone down into a swamp. The inquisitor leads his team to the hanger to find out what happened to the VIP transp

Stargrave 40k - "we just got our asses kicked man"

Alan and I went up to the Bring and Buy day at the Kapiti Club in Paraparaumu. We took our Stargrave game. In this case we had followed our leads to an abandoned factory. However when we got there we realised that the factory was far less abandoned than we had hoped. As we approached we could hear the sounds of chanting and the smell of old blood. It certainly didn't sound like Slaaneshi cultists. Here is an overview of the factory mounds of overgrown rubble and broken machinery. At locations around the factory were groups of red robed figures crouched over bits of equipment. They appeared to be trying to unlock the access to an underground silo. Here is the new Inquisition strike team. We have two new commandos and a doctor along with a former heretic that had been reprogrammed into an assault gladiator. The cultists if thats what they are react with the skill and precision normally reserved for military units. Inquisitor Rathbourne smote a cultist with a Grenade launcher with a b

Stargrave 40K style

Alan and I got in a game of Stargrave using some of our 40k models. We both have inquisition warbands so our games are a bit like a cop show. Inquisitors Rathbourne and Malus have a long history of encounters. While both claim to serve the Emperor, they have different ideas about how to approach their duties. Inquisitor Malus defends the Imperium from the alien while Inquisitor Rathbourne protects against those who would turn against the Imperium. Although he isn't averse to blasting a hideous Alien in the line of duty. Sector Tiberius had long been Rathbourne's fiefdom, a frontier region bordering clusters of worlds that had fallen to the arch enemy. After an encounter with some an unexpectedly well armed heretic cult. Clues recovered from the seen (don't ask how, we are the inquisition after all) suggested the weapons had arrived from the gratefully named "We Made It".  While the colonists might have been initially happy to have arrived after months of warp trav