Stargrave 40K style

Alan and I got in a game of Stargrave using some of our 40k models. We both have inquisition warbands so our games are a bit like a cop show.

Inquisitors Rathbourne and Malus have a long history of encounters. While both claim to serve the Emperor, they have different ideas about how to approach their duties.

Inquisitor Malus defends the Imperium from the alien while Inquisitor Rathbourne protects against those who would turn against the Imperium. Although he isn't averse to blasting a hideous Alien in the line of duty.

Sector Tiberius had long been Rathbourne's fiefdom, a frontier region bordering clusters of worlds that had fallen to the arch enemy. After an encounter with some an unexpectedly well armed heretic cult. Clues recovered from the seen (don't ask how, we are the inquisition after all) suggested the weapons had arrived from the gratefully named "We Made It". 

While the colonists might have been initially happy to have arrived after months of warp travel this world would indeed pose many challenges to be overcome.

With a retrograde orbital period, We Made it, rolled backwards in its orbit. Each day is over 500 hours long, and the year is 58 days long. The temperature in a location is determined by the time of day rather than seasons like on Terra.
Now at a settlement Mos DaemonClaw, Its Early Dawn, Inquisitor Rathbourne stared through the Magniculars, "There is definitely movement down there, I see two or three of those deranged cultists, now we will see wait and see who turns up to purchase those weapons and then we can scoop up both the buyers and sellers at the same time."
"Strangely Brown, pointed to the far side of the settlement, "movement my Lord"
"Excellent now it's time to get into position and see if we can sever this tentacle before it worms its way further into the flesh of the Imperium"

Here is the Inquisitors team before the battle.
The inquisitor led part of the team forward to claim one of the loot tokens. A Cultist emerges from the building.
The interrogator leads forward another team. The plasma gunner is providing overwatch, or maybe trying to see if he can ignite fuel vapors with the hot end of his weapon.
Inquisitor Malus sends some of her minions forwards led by a ferocious beastman. Consorting with the Mutant Malus will your radicalsim know no bounds?
Malus's hacker is trying to access this dropship. However, they forgot to invite my grenadier, so he sent an RSVP in anticipation.
We have advanced to almost within range of a crate of contraband,
The beastman looks at the crate and then used his chain cleaver as an unlocking tool. Notice a Slaaneshi cultist lurking in under the walkway. Thats his crate and he wants it.
Alan's gunner proved to be a right problem. Inquisitor Rathbourne caught a blast and had to summon the will of the Emperor to avoid the effects of his wounds. A second minion has joined the beastman in the cargo lifter ready to carry the crate out of the combat zone. 
Close combat erupts around the second crate of contraband,
The gunner moves up but a Slaaneshi cultist appeared behind him and promptly shot the grenadier.
Alan's team are securing the control console to the dropship. Another couple are advancing towards the central objective.
We are making a concerted push towards the crate of contraband. Alan sends his Bruiser, but my recruit stabs the Bruiser in the vulnerable bits, and she needed to go for a lie down.
The Slaaneshi cultist engages the beastman while an associate drags the contraband away. My commando managed to get some smoke clouds down to hid in while we unlock the data loot. My commando did manage to throw a smoke grenade on the roof.

My Interrogator, Recruit and Trooper make a play for the contraband crate.
Alan's team make it to the central objective and covered by smoke they get to work unlocking it.
Inquisitor Rathbournes team are stuck on the otherside of the house, pinned down by Alan's beastman and his gunner. If only my grenadier was still alive, I could have popped grenades over the roof.
The recruit gets gunned down, my Interrogator picks up the crate of contraband with her smash and grab power and prepares to make a break for the board edge. A cultist has arrived and is causing problems. There are only so many places you can point your plasmagun.
Inquisitor Rathbourne makes it to this part of the fight and blasts the cultist with a lightning bolt.
Alan's team get the central treasure unlocked and start dragging it away.
More of Inquisitor Malus's xenos allies arrived and tried to get into position to attack inquisitor Rathbournes team. Out of all of them that turned up I think they all turned up to attack me. This paranoia inducing train of thought would continue through the next two games.
Some more Xenos cultists arrived, I think these came to help one of Malus's wounded team.
My commando is wounded but managed to make a smokescreen while we skedaddle.
We make it to the edge of the table with the contraband. A Slaneshi assassin has defeated another three members of the team even thought they ambushed the cultist in a doorway.
A trooper, Commando and the Grenadier all died as did the Recruit, who got the contraband. We made it away with two treasures. They both turned out to be really useful, one was enough money to buy replacements and the other was a Kyber crystal that allows me to cast Void-blade automatically.


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