Hobby update - All aboard

This weekend, Alan and I are playing the &TV Vlads Army campaign at Call to Arms. In the second scenario you need a passenger train and a station.

Here is the Warhampster on Sea train station. This is a kit from Sarissa Precision
Now here is the station with the train. Will the local defense force be able to stop the vampires from going on their summer holidays.

I have been working on some Star Trek miniatures. I have some Klingons

I also have plenty of Federation crew members.
We have some command, science and engineering models. We also have a mix of different skin tones and a few non-humans as well.
Here are the bridge crew, these uniforms are from the movie era. I have a set of the bridge crew in their TOS uniforms that are supposed to be coming.

These models will be great for 5 Parsecs from Home. Rather than be the bridge crew who would all be experienced officers I think the adventuring party will be comprised of junior officers and enlisted personnel. The starship can also be the location for any defensive encounters.

I have some Romulans, Klingons and Gorn to represent the different threats.


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