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Stargrave, You have how many turns to reach minimum safe distance?

Richard and I played a second game of Stargrave on Saturday. We changed the scenario to be the derelict spacecraft. This allowed us to rerack the terrain from the Starport only this time it was representing the hanger deck and cargo areas of a larger spacecraft. This spaceship is damaged and malfunctioning and in time honoured tradition full of valuable loot and about to be pulled into the local star. In my imagination this is likely an old clone wars era ship forgotten after one of the many battles. It might have some information about Jedi that survived Order 66. Unfortunately Richards crew of scoundrels, mercenaries and reprobates appear to have other ideas. I am sure Richard is working for the Rebel Alliance. Darth Vader leaps over to the spacecraft ready to seize the loot on its hull, supported by covering fore from a storm trooper and Boba Fett. Everyone else runs up the other side. Richards crew is lightning fast and he jumped a drone on top of the central treasure and then unlo

Stargrave - Didn't we just leave this party?

Thomas and I ended up playing another game. This time we were raiding a Starport, while James and Richard searched the abandoned factory we fought over last week. Spoiler, they both found magic carbines. I deployed all my models on one side of the table to focus on grabbing two treasures. Lord Vader would lead the assault on the treasures while the Lord commander provided covering fire.  The in the repair bays there are several ships in various states of repair being serviced by some rather dubious mechanics. These scattered faster than womp rats. We made the first treasure, and found a nanny droid wandering about looking for a spare child. The Mandalorians are also out looking for the Child.  Commander Soros leads the covering fire team. We lay down some smoke to minimise the chance of catching a bad case of blaster fire. Lord Vader sweeps past the first treasure and moves into a position to attack the central treasure. My Chisler droid had picked up the firs treasure and was about to

Hobby update - adding the power

The Tatooine buildings all have loads of exposed gubbins like cables and wires and similar. One of the mice failed so I am turning the body into a speeder style vehicle and then the tail is becoming cables to drape around the buildings. I made fastenings by cutting up bits of paperclips to make staples which then get pushed into the wall. When draped across buildings they look like this. I also made a city gate. this is what it looks like  with a coat of tile grout. There are a couple of other buildings to grout in the background. I now have enough buildings to cover a skirmish table or a larger table with wider streets. I also have been working on another crew, these are Rebels led by Princess Leia and Han Solo, they have a couple of big bruisers and a crew of technical specialists. This is a get in quick and steal the loot kind of crew. While I have been inspired recently to build desert themed terrain sue to the hot weather. Over the weekend the heavens opened so I was thinking abou

Stargrave - No Disintegrations

Darth Vader led his squad to an abandoned former Separatist  facility. However some Mandalorians had also arrived to loot the facility of its technologies. Who would be able to secure vital supplies and technologies. Here is my strike team. Since the last game I have replaced the two Rhodians with a Hacker droid. "I speak the binary language of data loot tokens, and a Stormtrooper. Tom's Mandalorians have a gunner 6 troopers and a recruit. The Imperial force have advanced to the data loot token, Darth Vader has activated his light sabre and his camouflage. Lord Commander Soren has advanced with a trooper and a commando droid. On the other flank my Physical loot team are advancing towards the loot tokens on the roof of the old bunker. The Mandalorians start taking damage, one of those wounds comes from an explosion in the factory and old unstable munitions cook off. I think one of them is also a shot from my gunner or maybe its the wardroid. Talking of the Wardroid, its stompin