Stargrave, You have how many turns to reach minimum safe distance?

Richard and I played a second game of Stargrave on Saturday. We changed the scenario to be the derelict spacecraft. This allowed us to rerack the terrain from the Starport only this time it was representing the hanger deck and cargo areas of a larger spacecraft.

This spaceship is damaged and malfunctioning and in time honoured tradition full of valuable loot and about to be pulled into the local star.

In my imagination this is likely an old clone wars era ship forgotten after one of the many battles. It might have some information about Jedi that survived Order 66. Unfortunately Richards crew of scoundrels, mercenaries and reprobates appear to have other ideas.

I am sure Richard is working for the Rebel Alliance.

Darth Vader leaps over to the spacecraft ready to seize the loot on its hull, supported by covering fore from a storm trooper and Boba Fett.
Everyone else runs up the other side.
Richards crew is lightning fast and he jumped a drone on top of the central treasure and then unlocked it with his hacker. He then commanded the drone to move in the same phase as his captain.

This left Darth Vader doing his best "curses they have hidden the plans in a robot again" while staring at the fleeing drone. I thought I had a little more time than this to react to what was going on. I consoled myself with gunning down and killing Richards hacker.
The reactor countdown had started so everyone had to get off by their own base edge before it ended or be reduced to zero health. We have 6 turns to get off the table so that's plenty of time. What could possibly go wrong?
Darth Vader looks on as the Rebels run away. We got some shots in and nearly killed Richards Chisler. But not quite. "Missed it by that much"
The rest of the team move forwards and try and catch those slippery rebels. One of the Rebels gets eaten by a Space Gorilla. Its about now that the lights reduce to emergency power and the reactor countdown advances two turns, moving it from 4 turns left (plenty of time) to two turns left, Run for the exits.
Darth Vader looks on while the Rebels escape. Reactor explosions do interest him so he leaves with the treasure.
My commando droid was caught too far up the table to make it back in time so spent the last two turns making a complete pest of himself. He ended up being blown into space by the explosion but was safely recovered by the Imperial recovery teams.

So I made it back with two treasures and everyone was safe. We now have enough money to make a meditation chamber on our ship.


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