Stargrave - Didn't we just leave this party?

Thomas and I ended up playing another game. This time we were raiding a Starport, while James and Richard searched the abandoned factory we fought over last week. Spoiler, they both found magic carbines.

I deployed all my models on one side of the table to focus on grabbing two treasures. Lord Vader would lead the assault on the treasures while the Lord commander provided covering fire. 

The in the repair bays there are several ships in various states of repair being serviced by some rather dubious mechanics. These scattered faster than womp rats.
We made the first treasure, and found a nanny droid wandering about looking for a spare child.
The Mandalorians are also out looking for the Child. 
Commander Soros leads the covering fire team. We lay down some smoke to minimise the chance of catching a bad case of blaster fire.
Lord Vader sweeps past the first treasure and moves into a position to attack the central treasure.
My Chisler droid had picked up the firs treasure and was about to make a break for the edge of the table, when Thomas read me the small print of the scenario which meant that the only exit point was off the opposite edge of the table. This meant a long trek especially for a little droid carrying a big box of loot.
A conga line of Mandalorians is making their way down the middle of the table.

My Dark Trooper engages the Mandalorians. Even wearing power armour you can't stop all the bullets
My Dark Trooper goes down and then one of the Mandalorians takes out my commando droid with a critical hit.
Lord Vader makes it to the central treasure and Boba lays down some covering smoke. The Nanny Droid is convinced the Child is hiding inside the silo, maybe its doing maintenance or maybe its tracking fob is using Google Maps.
Lord Vader opens the treasure by cutting it open with his light sabre. I guess that's the Star Wars version of people that open beer bottles by cutting the top of with a knife.
Having retrieved the central treasure Lord vader backs away while his loyal troops cover him, with their fragile organic bodies. One of the Mandalorians is hit by blaster fire, the Beskar holds up just enough o save his life. The Mandalorian captain takes a serious hit and retaliates by letting off his whistling birds before ducking back into cover. 
The Imperial force lays down more smoke while making for the exit. Some Rhodians arrive to stage a protest about import duties. Boba disperses them with a Frag Grenade. One of the Rhodians is dispersed into several pieces.
Lord Commander Soros was keeping up the pace. He would not do so for much longer because famed pirate Hondo Tenaka took him out with a critical hit.
The Mandalorians are making their way tot he table edge. Its hard to unlock a crate when you are only a trooper and lack specialist tools. It takes Thomas's trooper 3 goes to unlock the crate. I think he just shot the lock with his blaster in the end.

Lord Vader hand out a death sentence to the Rhodian for wasting his time. "protests do not concern me, treasure tokens do".
The Mandalorians end up in a fight with some bounty hunters. Maybe there was a dispute about their guild membership.
Some more bounty hunters show up in a really inconvenient place. The imperial strike force lays down some suppressing fire and falls back to their dropship. Meanwhile the droids and other troopers managed to recover two treasure tokens.

We made it back to the ship, fortuantley my two robots survived and we had some good loot. 


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