Hobby update - adding the power

The Tatooine buildings all have loads of exposed gubbins like cables and wires and similar. One of the mice failed so I am turning the body into a speeder style vehicle and then the tail is becoming cables to drape around the buildings.

I made fastenings by cutting up bits of paperclips to make staples which then get pushed into the wall.

When draped across buildings they look like this.

I also made a city gate. this is what it looks like  with a coat of tile grout. There are a couple of other buildings to grout in the background. I now have enough buildings to cover a skirmish table or a larger table with wider streets.

I also have been working on another crew, these are Rebels led by Princess Leia and Han Solo, they have a couple of big bruisers and a crew of technical specialists. This is a get in quick and steal the loot kind of crew.

While I have been inspired recently to build desert themed terrain sue to the hot weather. Over the weekend the heavens opened so I was thinking about how I could make some Kamino style terrain. I could see these being some elevated platforms. They could be ruined and abandoned because the empire bombed Kamino at the end of the clone wars.


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