Stargrave - No Disintegrations

Darth Vader led his squad to an abandoned former Separatist  facility. However some Mandalorians had also arrived to loot the facility of its technologies. Who would be able to secure vital supplies and technologies.

Here is my strike team. Since the last game I have replaced the two Rhodians with a Hacker droid. "I speak the binary language of data loot tokens, and a Stormtrooper.
Tom's Mandalorians have a gunner 6 troopers and a recruit.
The Imperial force have advanced to the data loot token, Darth Vader has activated his light sabre and his camouflage. Lord Commander Soren has advanced with a trooper and a commando droid.

On the other flank my Physical loot team are advancing towards the loot tokens on the roof of the old bunker.
The Mandalorians start taking damage, one of those wounds comes from an explosion in the factory and old unstable munitions cook off. I think one of them is also a shot from my gunner or maybe its the wardroid.
Talking of the Wardroid, its stomping forward in pursuit of Tom's team, on the basis that it can move and bring them into sight. Being able to shoot three times is pretty nasty. The droid is quite capable of killing its target in one go even without getting a critical.
Darth Vader and the commando droid are making a drive for the central treasure. The wounded recruit Mandalorian has managed to get there first. Unfortunately he doesn't have a spare action to try and unlock it, also Darth Vader will get to go before he does.
A Firefight is going on between my team and the Mandalorians, blaster bolts are zapping back and forth. In an attempt to distract Tom's gunner I target his for the factory event and it turns out he finds 50 gold in a crate.
Darth has run over and ended the poor recruits suffering. While Beskar plates might be able to stop light sabres, it doesn't keep you head attached. Tom's model died at the end of the game.
The Wardroid has climbed up onto the roof and can now see my Stormtrooper who gets shot and is stunned. Unfortunately my obscuring smoke has blown away giving the droid line of sight across the table.
Commander Soren and his Trooper are making their way to the data loot token on the speeder truck. This is about as far as they can go before the wardroid will see them.
Tom is pressing hard for the two physical loot in the bunker. Triple Zero my Chisler droid has climbed up tot he top of the building and is hidden in a smoke cloud. My Storm trooper has been stunned by the Wardroids weapons. Tom targetted him with the factory event and he ended up finding some grenades. 
The Mandalorians end up clumping all up at this end of the roof. The had charged in and kicked my Chisler droid off the roof. So I lob a couple of frag grenades up there. One caused a critical hit on Tom's captain so he needed to go and enjoy a nice relaxing evening in a Bacta Tank. Two other members of that group are stunned and wounded.

Boba Fett and my machine gunner are also wounded so backup is a bit thin. Its starting to look like its going to be cost prohibitive in terms of Injury rolls to try and fight for those two treasures. My troops have done enough to make sure Tom can't race back into the middle.
Darth Vader unlock the loot token with his lightsabre. and moves over to the base of the bunker. Commander Soren is going to get the data loot unlocked and the Trooper has  drawn the short straw and will be drawing the Wardroids fire. The trooper fires first but in true storm trooper fashion misses completely. "Only Imperial Stormtroopers are so precise". Old Ben had been out in the sun for way too long. 
Boba, the Gunner and Triple Zero are all making a retreat to the rally point. The gunner bags a Shangrillar on the way. Toms Survivors are beating on the locked boxes and shooting a Mynock that has flapped over.
In the climactic scene of the episode Darth Vader charges into combat with the wardroid, assisted by the trooper. 
The droid attacks the trooper and wounds him, Tom then tries to finish him off with the factory events table and the trooper finds a cache of grenades, Darth slashes the droid and inflicts significant damage on it.
The Trooper, distracted by the grenades gets his head removed by a sweep of the robots combat claws. Darth then finished it off with another mighty blow.

My Stormtrooper gave his life in service of the Empire trying to make the galaxy a more ordered place.

With that everyone faded off the table.

We never managed to roll for unwanted attention. We only got a couple of monsters from treasure tokens. Obviously no one wants to go near the abandoned factory especially if its staked by an old Wardroid.

My Storm Trooper died and my commando droid got badly injured. Toms Recruit died and his Captain made a full recovery.

Both my rolls on the data loot token turned out to be advanced weapons, I got a Shotgun of +1 damage, Frag Grenades of +1 damage, I then traded in my physical loot token for a roll on the advanced weapons table and got a pistol of +1 damage. 
Its a special rule of the factory scenario that you can trade in one treasure token for a roll on the advanced weapons table. 

I also came out of that game with 285 experience.

So a good days work, this was a fun game. 


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