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The moon miners are revolting

I got taken shopping on Saturday. So while the family went and looked at couches, I did what any right thinking wargamer I ducked into Warehouse Stationary and picked up some brushes. It turns out I accidentally bought a liner brush, this is a size 2 brush with very long bristles. This brush is very good for lining panels on armour. Here are my experiment on this Marine Errant. I have also been working on some Genestealer cult models. These are painted in classic Space 1999 space suit colours. I have a collection of aberants, guys with industrial weapons and miscellaneous objective grabbers.  I am experimenting with some different colours for the carapace and genstealer skin. I can also blend the green and purple to get blue.  In the back of this picture are some space cops from core space, there are two troopers a combat robot or cyborg and an officer. These could be a Realities Edge crew. I have been watching Ash and Owen play Frostgrave again. I do fancy a game of S

Pride before the fall

I played a game of Kill Team today against Richards Astral Claws. I used the Fire Hawks team I had painted recently. We played 125 points so there was room to add in some elites. So I got to use my terminator and jump pack model. I had a terminator sergeant with powerfist and storm bolter as my combat specialist. A Tactical Marine gunner with plasma gun, sniper specialist A Sternguard Veteran Sergeant with special issue bolter and Asupex as my leader A Vanguard Veteran Sergeant with Relic Blade and bolt pistol as a zealot specialist A Sernguard with special issue bolter and two tactical marines I decided to use the Black Templars chapter tactic so I can reroll charges. The Fire Hawks had history with the Astral Claws apparently Huron had beaten the Fire Hawks chapter master for a job so naturally the Fire Hawks had to hate the Astral Claws and be consumed by jealousy. This made the Fire Hawks easy to manipulate by the Karthage Sector lords who also wanted

Exorcising the Contrast Daemons

I bought a pot of contrast paint so I could try them out and see if I liked them. There has been a lot of controversy about them among hobbyists. I tried out a coat of Blood Drinker red over a coat of Vallejo Game Air Chrome. The chrome is the brightest silver metallic colour I have.  Here are a couple of WIP shots of my Exorcists Kill Team. Overall I like the effect. Its quick to do and the metallic base coat shines through the red coat. There is also some extra shading about the creases in the helmet. The base coat is very unforgiving, any imperfections are visible so preperation of the models will be key.

Last Days Halloween Special

Alan had organised a game of Last Days. I took my Federation crew because this was a bit of a one off game and might be a suicide mission.  Alan had increased the size of the gang to 120 points, so I added the extra trooper with a military assault rifle. This is the set up, there are two gangs of NPCs having a shoot out, there is a cage full of prisoners. It's night, but there are flood lights illuminating the area. My crew are starting from this deserted house. I need a part to fix my spaceship and badly need some supplies. We cautiously advance around the house. Trooper Baldrick investigates the nearby car. This turns out to be empty. Travis and a couple of troopers surround the zombie, unfortunately they are not able to deliver the finishing blow.  A couple of the troopers back off and advance to the barricade. Servalan and Baldrick arrive to help Travis with the Zombie  Travis is able to finish off the Zombie and the troopers shoot down a ganger near