Last Days Halloween Special

Alan had organised a game of Last Days.

I took my Federation crew because this was a bit of a one off game and might be a suicide mission.

 Alan had increased the size of the gang to 120 points, so I added the extra trooper with a military assault rifle.
This is the set up, there are two gangs of NPCs having a shoot out, there is a cage full of prisoners. It's night, but there are flood lights illuminating the area.
My crew are starting from this deserted house. I need a part to fix my spaceship and badly need some supplies.
We cautiously advance around the house. Trooper Baldrick investigates the nearby car. This turns out to be empty.
Travis and a couple of troopers surround the zombie, unfortunately they are not able to deliver the finishing blow.

 A couple of the troopers back off and advance to the barricade. Servalan and Baldrick arrive to help Travis with the Zombie
 Travis is able to finish off the Zombie and the troopers shoot down a ganger near the door.
Having secured our flank we advance towards the prisoners and the supplies. At this point I am not sure which I am going to rescue and which I am going to loot.
The ganger we thought we had killed staggers upright only to go down under a mob of zombies. The troopers are picking off Zombies that are in the way.

Both gangs are blasting chunks out of each other, the main group is advancing towards the vehicles and the supplies, a couple of the troopers flank around to see if they can suppress the gangers in the doorway of their house.
 All the noise is attracting more of the undead. If I take too long I will have my line of retreat cut off.
Richard's fire fighter makes it to the barn and uncovers the ghastly secret that the gangers have been eating people.

Trooper Green uses his heavy blaster rifle to take down a ganger with a rifle. A zombie in need of a cuddle is sneaking forwards to try and make friends.
With all the blood and the moon coming out from behind the clouds, the gangers turn into werewolves.

Sub commander Pol got too close and gets tagged by a group of zombies. Trooper Green, searches the drums without finding anything of value. He then opens the porta-loo and is surprised by a zombie.
Servalan Travis and Baltrick engage the werewolf who was on top of the car. they manage to do some damage. Travis gets attacked by the werewolf, which is now wounded and angry. Another werewolf attacks trooper Black and the Mutoid. Sub Commander Pol manages to kill one of the Zombies. Federation troopers might well be tough, well trained and equipped but they are not very brave or smart so breaking off from the zombies is more difficult. Trooper Green is still engaged with his Zombie.
 Unable to use weapons the werewolves are in a bight fight in the middle.
Rick Grimes and crew arrive to get a view into hell. This is perfect for me because they are nearer to many of the zombies that I am.
 A Zombie arrives straight into combat, see I told you.
 More zombies are closing in from all sides
Sub Commander Pol and Trooper Green remain locked in combat. Pol has taken down one of the zombies, with his martial arts training.
 A large herd of zombies, exhibiting some kind of hive mind breaks into the gang compound. There is a big werewolf scrum going on in the middle of the table.
 Richard's gang have escaped from the Sarah Connor Memorial playground and are now advancing on the pickup trucks from the other side. He needs to get a move on, there is a mob of zombies that are in hot pursuit.
Travis managed to break off from the werewolf and races to the van, a quick look inside reveals it to be empty. Travis primes his incendiary grenade, and throws it at the melee of werewolves. Unfortunately his aim is a bit crap and it bounces off the van an explodes right in front of him. The werewolf leader is caught in the blast and burned as is Travis. Servalan and Baldrick get into the pickup truck. They manage to find the keys. They also manage to shoot the werewolf.

 The Mutoid has a high degree of bio enhancement and bionic rebuild so is tough to take down but she can't get away from the werewolf and is slowly getting beaten up.
 Richard's crew have got their pickup truck started and are turning to face the zombies
Trooper Black gets grabbed by a werewolf. Travis tries to save the mutoid but can't get to her before the werewolf finishes her. Travis had a chainsaw but it's clumsy and he can't land a telling blow.
 Rick's crew are doing a good job as Zombe Magnets. Sub Commander Pol and Trooper Green manage to break off from their zombie opponents. Trooper Green then pulls off a double kill shooting two zombies in one go.
 More Zombies are arriving, Servalan and Baldrick have got the pick up truck going. Travis is still fighting the werewolf.
 Travis finally goes down to the werewolf attack and Servalan and Baldrick are heading back to the other two troopers to collect them. Richard's crew have boarded their pickup truck and have hitched a generator. They then drive off back to their base of operations.

The werewolves end up fighting each other. There are not many of them left. Sub Commander Pol and Trooper Green now have them covered with their weapons. So firing into combat is no problem for the federation troopers.

With both teams now in a position to get off the table we call the game. Travis survives and gains extra experience, he now really needs that face make up. The other two troopers also survive without lasting effects.

Alan suggested making a group based on the wiggles (he has young kids). I suggested a Star Trek crew, the have black pants and multiple coloured shirts.

Trooper Baldrick had his best game ever. He didn't go out of action and he did something useful. If he wasn't so revolting maybe he could become Servalan's bodyguard.

This game was loads of fun. We are talking about doing a Season's campaign now.  This also demonstrates how flexible the Last Days rules are. You can make up any kind of baddies to simulate any kind of apocalypse.


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