Hobby update

In keeping with it being Labour weekend in New Zealand I spent quite a lot of the weekend tidying my wargaming stuff up. When you have been making models and playing wargames and especially if you are a magpie like me you end up with loads of projects all over the place.

So it was time to reorganise and purge some heretics projects that I wasn't going to need in the foreseeable future.

Alan is also hosting a Zombie Apocalypse game this weekend. He has asked me to get some scatter terrain ready and some Zombies. This will be a nice change. Alan has some great suburban terrain. I need to pick a crew for what is likely to be a suicide mission. Alan asked me to paint up some extra zombies.

Some bits I ordered from Shapeways arrived so I added them to some marines and made a Carcharadons kill team. I got some shoulder pads, chapter logos and some weapons. they are on sculpy molded Sulaco base texture.

I also enjoyed watching Ash Barkers Core Space games so I bought a set. Players play crews of grungy space ships and visit a series of dives, bars and dodgy space stations to meet interesting people and trade with them while dodging the invading robots of the Purge.

 I found out where my Dark Elves have been selling their Sea Dragon cloaks. I was able to cut out the cloaks to fit them around the mounting for the space marine back pack. I was still able to get a good position for the legs. I got some resin shoulder pads from Forgeworld to make a Salamanders Kill Team. A couple of the shoulder pads have bits of dragon skin which matches the cloaks.


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