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Putting the TIE into a toy fighter

 In Stargrave you need a lot of terrain and at least one of the scenarios is set at a space port. You also get to customise your spaceship so its useful to have one or more spaceship models. One advantage of making a Star Wars themed game is that there are a wide variety of models that can be adapted to terrain. I have bought several of the "Mission Fleet" range of spaceship models. These are designed for 2.5 inch tall action figures but like most toys they are undersized compared to true scale so they are not far away from 1:50 scale which is ideal for wargames.  This is what the toy looks like out of the box. Its painted in the New Order colour scheme  which I deny all knowledge of. I added some details to the cockpit, building a pilot seat and painting the cockpit panels. This is the rear of the fighter, with an Imperial Assault figure for scale. The windows in the back are solid plastic so I painted them black and then applied a coat of Nuln Oil gloss to give them a shine

Hobby update, making Star Wars themed terrain for Stargrave

I have finished work for the year so I have been working on some terrain for Stargrave out of a polystyrene packing crate that came with a monitor. I have also been painting some Imperial Assault models. These are nice gaming pieces. They are made in a soft plastic. They remind me of the Airfix model soldiers I used to have as a kid. The soft plastic makes the light sabers a bit bendy but you can straighten them out with some hot water. This week I have painted the Rancor. This is a huge model in 28 mm scale and is easily capable of eating a model whole. I was inspired to paint this model by Sorastros painting video. He used different inks and glazes over different parts of the model. I used a base coat and highlights over the whole model then applied the inks to different parts. I used a mix of Seraphim Sepia and Fire Dragon Orange on the nose. Here is Rudolph the red clawed Rancor. Since this photo I have black edged his base. Sorastro has suggested he needs drool so I will have a go

Star Wars Grave - The Revenge of Darth Vader

Revenge might not be a Jedi concept it certainly is appropriate for the Sith. I used my Darth Vader team. Alan and I played a gave of Stargrave. We played a variant of the "Dead or Alive" scenario but as a two player game. Alan and I were both trying to get our hands on a renegade cyborg, maybe its Saul Guerra. It turned out that this mission took place in the annual Long Horn hunt. We managed to roll up "Wooly Rhinoceros" and Bounty Hunter about 3 times each.  Here is my team, I have a gunner, three commandos, a trooper, a chisler droid and two recruits (budget bounty hunters). Here is a view over the table, the mark is over visiting one of the out buildings, perhaps checking the perimeter. Alan's pirate crew including the feared Bishop of Burt-Out-Shells (Burner) Darth leads hit team through some covering smoke. Darth's ship now has a meditation chamber (repurposed closet) which allows him to enter a Mystic Trance and try and cast one of his in game spells

StarGrave - with real live opponents.

Thomas, Alan, Richard and I got together at the Warlords for a game of Stargrave. We anted to try out some gang ideas and get a feel for the rules. We ended up playing a 4 player game. We used the "deal gone bad" scenario to provide some initial adversaries but the Wequay pirates of Hondo's crew did not last long. Although they kept waking up from their drunken stupors in some really inconvenient places. I was using a Star Wars themed crew, I had Darth Vader Some Storm troopers some droids and some Scum and Villany. I wasn't near the hive, that was down the other end of the table. Here is the view across the table. Its an old abandoned archeological research site studying pregalactic civilisation ruins. Now its a pirate base. Two groups of corporate  street samurai have both been bidding to by a maguffin from Hondo. However never one to turn down the possibility of a better price and a bidding war. Hondo has sporead the work wide and the Empire has dispatched Lord Vad