StarGrave - with real live opponents.

Thomas, Alan, Richard and I got together at the Warlords for a game of Stargrave. We anted to try out some gang ideas and get a feel for the rules.

We ended up playing a 4 player game. We used the "deal gone bad" scenario to provide some initial adversaries but the Wequay pirates of Hondo's crew did not last long. Although they kept waking up from their drunken stupors in some really inconvenient places.

I was using a Star Wars themed crew, I had Darth Vader Some Storm troopers some droids and some Scum and Villany. I wasn't near the hive, that was down the other end of the table.
Here is the view across the table. Its an old abandoned archeological research site studying pregalactic civilisation ruins. Now its a pirate base. Two groups of corporate  street samurai have both been bidding to by a maguffin from Hondo. However never one to turn down the possibility of a better price and a bidding war. Hondo has sporead the work wide and the Empire has dispatched Lord Vader to recover the location of the Rebel base or maybe the plans for their Christmas party. Now Hondo will have more war than he can handle and far less bidding that he was hoping for.

Richard has got himself a very swank space ship. This is 3D printed and looks very nice. Everyone else parked their spaceship off the table and walked in.

Here are Richards band of corporate mercenaries.

The Imperial Strike team advance toward the primary target. The Commando droids lay down smoke grenades to reduce incoming fire. The Wequay pirates on the roof are dead and ready to be recycled. Richards spaceship is covered in pirate bodies and looks like it should belong to the Predator franchise.
My Rodian Recruit got stunned while trying to open a box. Darth moved forwards and blasted one of the Mandalorians with his Force Lighting (Crit 20) turned him into chared meat. I had tried to get line of sight to Alan's robot pathfinder so I could take control of it and have it shoot his own guys.
Darth, the Storm Trooper are advancing to the central objectives. The Rodian has recovered and is now dragging a box to the back of the table. Darth strikes a pose in the smoke waving his light sabre so that its red glow shows through the edge of the smoke.
On the other flank my junior officer and some storm troopers are engaging Richards Corporate mercenaries. An extra pirate trooper and a creature had shown up behind Richard. A Frog monster also showed up behind Richard and promptly refused to die. It also ate his dog. Crit 20 tongue attack Gulp.
We are laying down cover fire and then throwing smoke grenade to mask the return fire.
On my left flank, my sniper is finding that local conditions do not suit his temperamental sniper rifle. He has +1 to hit from Coordinated fire and +1 damage from the Armoury and he still jamed his gun about 3 times during the game. He has cleaned out a Wequay pirate (or was it Amy Pond?) and is now looking to flank Richards strike team.
Thomas and Alan have been engaging in a close range firefight for some time. Gunblasts flamethrowers and grenades all get used. Thomas's blue armoured recruit has been trying to open the box while coming under fire and is now wounded and stunned. Alan's team have set up a wall of force to provide extra cover.
My team are now attacking Richards team. Richard has grabbed a couple of treasures and is now falling back past a trail of dead creatures. The Robot commandos are advancing behind a wall of Grenades. Richards Boss takes a couple of grenades to the face and falls over. The Imperial advance is starting to run out of steam as members of the assault team are starting to take hits from the intense return fire.
Darth makes it to the central objective and unlocks the box with his delicate lock picking tools (a big light sabre). (he did actually have tools)
Darth now has his sights set on a treasure being carried by one of Alan's team just on the wrong side of the truck. The Tooper has picked up the crate and is dragging ti back into cover. The Mandalorian leader is too busy trying to keep his insides in his Beskar to try shooting Darth in the back. Besides. if he did try and failed He would likely find a very angry Dark Lord of the Sith asking him about Anatomy 101.

The commando droids and storm troopers and my sniper are trying to engage Richards team. Close range blaster bolts are zipping back and forth and grenades are exploding all over the place.

Darth races around the truck only to get singed by a flamer and decide he an emergency reset on his life support system.

The final action The Wequay pirate I didn't take seriously enough promptly shot my storm trooper with a Crit 20. Richard doo out the other one and a commando droid.
At this point we called the game and all parties withdrew. The junior officer, the Rodian and a storm trooper all made it off with loot counters including the central one and with 2 other models standing it was a 50% casualty rate.

This was exactly the kind of fun game we were hoping for. I'm now off to fine tune my team for the next game.


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