Putting the TIE into a toy fighter

 In Stargrave you need a lot of terrain and at least one of the scenarios is set at a space port. You also get to customise your spaceship so its useful to have one or more spaceship models.

One advantage of making a Star Wars themed game is that there are a wide variety of models that can be adapted to terrain. I have bought several of the "Mission Fleet" range of spaceship models. These are designed for 2.5 inch tall action figures but like most toys they are undersized compared to true scale so they are not far away from 1:50 scale which is ideal for wargames. 

This is what the toy looks like out of the box. Its painted in the New Order colour scheme  which I deny all knowledge of.

I added some details to the cockpit, building a pilot seat and painting the cockpit panels.

This is the rear of the fighter, with an Imperial Assault figure for scale. The windows in the back are solid plastic so I painted them black and then applied a coat of Nuln Oil gloss to give them a shine.
I masked out the panels after spraying them black and then sprayed the whole model white and then painted it with a series of pale blues and up to white.
The business end of the fighter. I drilled out the end s of the cannons and added a control panel to the front of the cockpit like the movies.

So this is now ready for the next game.


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