Hobby update, making Star Wars themed terrain for Stargrave

I have finished work for the year so I have been working on some terrain for Stargrave out of a polystyrene packing crate that came with a monitor.

I have also been painting some Imperial Assault models. These are nice gaming pieces. They are made in a soft plastic. They remind me of the Airfix model soldiers I used to have as a kid. The soft plastic makes the light sabers a bit bendy but you can straighten them out with some hot water.

This week I have painted the Rancor. This is a huge model in 28 mm scale and is easily capable of eating a model whole. I was inspired to paint this model by Sorastros painting video. He used different inks and glazes over different parts of the model. I used a base coat and highlights over the whole model then applied the inks to different parts. I used a mix of Seraphim Sepia and Fire Dragon Orange on the nose.

Here is Rudolph the red clawed Rancor. Since this photo I have black edged his base. Sorastro has suggested he needs drool so I will have a go.

I have been roughing out some building forms from the monitor box.

This is about finding interesting shapes and then cutting out bits and gluing them together. I can then add more bits from the Mantic Scifi Terrain Crate. They have Doors and details that I can include to add interest to the model. These rough shapes need a sand to smooth out the plaster.

The other thing about Star Wars is that there are a number of different toys and model kits that can help create the immersion in the game. I found some Mission Fleet model vehicles. These are designed for 2.5 inch models but are a bit undersized and so are good for gaming terrain.
I have an advanced Tie Fighter and the Razorcrest. I am painting the Tie in classic series colours rather than the New Order colours it came with.

I also got a Razor Crest. I have not yet started painting this Luke likes playing with it. The blaster cannons shoot missiles. but they look good for gun barrels.


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