Star Wars Grave - The Revenge of Darth Vader

Revenge might not be a Jedi concept it certainly is appropriate for the Sith. I used my Darth Vader team. Alan and I played a gave of Stargrave.

We played a variant of the "Dead or Alive" scenario but as a two player game. Alan and I were both trying to get our hands on a renegade cyborg, maybe its Saul Guerra. It turned out that this mission took place in the annual Long Horn hunt. We managed to roll up "Wooly Rhinoceros" and Bounty Hunter about 3 times each. 

Here is my team, I have a gunner, three commandos, a trooper, a chisler droid and two recruits (budget bounty hunters).
Here is a view over the table, the mark is over visiting one of the out buildings, perhaps checking the perimeter. Alan's pirate crew including the feared Bishop of Burt-Out-Shells (Burner)
Darth leads hit team through some covering smoke. Darth's ship now has a meditation chamber (repurposed closet) which allows him to enter a Mystic Trance and try and cast one of his in game spells before the game.
The pirates attack, one of the pirates races around the corner and bumps into Greedo in the smoke both combatants roll a critical 20 and fall down out of action. Greedo might not be the first to shoot but he is now the first fall in two games running.
My other Rhodian has moved around to a flanking position. One of the Giant Rhino creatures shows up. the do prioritise people that have shot weapons so maybe being quiet is a selective survival trait.
Alan's team open fire with their flamer and machinegun and Saul Guerra falls out of sight. Alan's helper droid has moved over to the treasure. Unfortunately he is standing nest to the pirate sniper.
Darth turns on his light sabre and moves to attack the next pirate. The other pirate is fighting the storm trooper.
The commando droids are engaging with the pirates. Alan's captain must be some kind of force sensitive herself because she destroyed the burner being carried by one of the pirates, leaving her fashionable dressed but combat ineffective. Boba Fett shot down a pirate. My gunner was trying to engage the pirate on the roof opposite but is finding it hard to draw a bead because the target is in cover. The Giant Rhino has attacked the pirate machine gunner because he was the nearest person to have fired. 
Alan's team have also deployed some smoke to hide from the pirate Grenadier
Guess what, Alan rolls up another giant Wooly Rhinoceros and it appears behind his team. That should keep him busy
The pirates defeat the storm trooper and the commando droid, leaving Darth by himself.
The fight with the pirates on the other side of the truck is still going on and the Rhino is trying to squash the machine gunner. My Chisler droid is trying to unlock the crate right next to the stamping hooves of the enraged creature. (probably Astromech swearing). The disarmed burner has also fallen. Alan's crew are trying to figure out how to interface with the computer terminal. This challenge would occupy several team members for quite a while.
A Ryukan arrives on the table behind my team.
In a more effective turn. Darth chops up his opponent and leaps into combat with another, the commando droid and Commander Soros have defeated the pirate. Boba Fett is covering the rear. Reebo has advanced to an unwise position and is protected by the smoke.
The Ryukan attacks Boba.
Another Giant Wooly Rhino arrives.
A battered and bruised Darth Vader is moving towards the ladder for the central building. Boba has fallen to the creature, Alan's smoke went away and shortly there after did Reebo.
The first Rhino and the last pirate have both fallen.
Darth climbs up the ladder, still trying to regenerate himself. The commando droid and Lieutenant move over to the data loot.
Darth stands triumphant next to the central treasure. a quick flick of his light sabre opens the box and he retrieves the reality distorter. 
My Commando droid and Lieutenant get into a firefight with Alan's crew and it seems like every time a model touches the loot they get killed.
Darth is making a break for the edge of the table. The Astromech has already escaped with a weapons crate. Beepedy beep Beep. The rest of the team are now out of action.
Alan's team are trying to pursuit. They are being chased by an IG series bounty droid.
A Sewer Dragon (Rancor) arrives and with only Alan's last few team members on the table and runnng away we call the game.

This also marks the site where my gunner was taken out by Bossk. Dengar also made it off the table.

Darth and his team managed to recover a Reality Distorter and an Advanced Rapid fire weapon which deals out +1 Damage. During the recovery rolls everyone made it except for the Lieutenant who died, However Lieutenants are free to replace. The Empire appreciates his sacrifice.

Alan got the bounty on the Saul and three treasures. This would have been a pretty successful game if this was a campaign. There were quite a few treasures recovered and lots of experience gained. This mission format takes longer to play but is loads of fun and fighting in the jungle where a creature arrives every turn really puts the pressure on to try and get the job done quickly.

So loads of fun and plenty of cinematic moments.


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