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Cowboys and Indians part 3

Here is the report of the third game. In this game my Indian's had a grudge against Thomas's Texas Rangers. We had tracked them back to an old church and were now ready to take our revenge and resolve old grudges. We tried to line up so that most of the people in the church didn't have any shots out of the windows. Here are my Indian musketeers lined up in the trees. Unfortunately we had been trained in musketry in the Storm Trooper academy, either that or the white folks had sold us faulty muskets. I don't think we hit the side of the church all game.  Thomas had two rifle equipped sharpshooters in the tower and all his pistol equipped rangers in the church. The first shot of the riflemen took out one of the Indian shooters.   All the rangers are hiding under the windows The Rangers make a break out of the side of the church and start attacking the Indians with bows. The Indians reposition into the building. My chosen warriors tried to climb the ladder but at half spee

Cowboys and Indians game 2

I got in a second game against Richard's all female posse. These lovely ladies decided they didn't like my Indians camping on their cattle range and decided to run us off. On the other half of the table Thomas is trying to rescue a Criminal Informant from Alan's lawmen posse.  Alan's officers of the law are fixing to give this varmint a right proper lynching. This was an interesting game to listen to. It ended when Thomas tried to shoot the rope holding the noose and shot his informant instead. Here's my Indians camping out on the range. Part of Richards posse is approaching from the left, there is a firefight going on amongst the rocks Over on the other side, my sacred warriors have made it into combat with Richard's posse. My shooters had managed to take down Richard's rifle armed gun girl. It turns out she died of her injuries. We are getting down to knife fighting range on the other side. The Indian's charge into close combat. We managed to kill one

Legends of the Old West

Last weekend I took my Indian War Party down to the club to learn how to play Legends of the Old West. I got in a couple of games to kick start my part in our campaign. In the first game my Indians had ambushed the train and were making off with the cargo of moonshine when Alan's possie of Lawmen showed up. Here is the train table Alan and I are going to use. Tomas and Richard are lining up for a shoot out in town. Here are some of Alan's lawmen The Indians are disembarking from the train. Drat there are lawmen on the starboard bow as well Richard's cowboys are confronted by Thoma's Texas Rangers The initial musket and arrow volley didn't amount to much. Some of the Indians disembarked with the moonshine while others took cover ready to take the fight to the lawmen. Unfortunately Alan managed to kill my close combat specialist while he was hiding in solid cover.  The Youngblood raced off the table with one of the barrels of moonshine. That was as good as it got for

Hobby Update - Cowboys and Indians

 Our gaming group is getting into the American West. We are using the Legends of the Old West game created several years ago by Warhammer Historical. The game uses the game engine of the Lord of the Rings. I never played this game so this is all new to me. I was still getting over my cold, so I watched the first couple of games.  This was a jailbreak game There was a right proper ruckus and loads of misbehaving, going on at the jail.  Here is a big scrum outside the Jail as the prisoner makes a break for it. Meanwhile in an adjoining back lot two other gangs are engaged in a shoot out. Here is my crew of Indians, these have a mix of muskets and bows to go with their close combat weapons. They get to join the campaign next week.