Cowboys and Indians part 3

Here is the report of the third game. In this game my Indian's had a grudge against Thomas's Texas Rangers. We had tracked them back to an old church and were now ready to take our revenge and resolve old grudges.

We tried to line up so that most of the people in the church didn't have any shots out of the windows.
Here are my Indian musketeers lined up in the trees. Unfortunately we had been trained in musketry in the Storm Trooper academy, either that or the white folks had sold us faulty muskets. I don't think we hit the side of the church all game. 
Thomas had two rifle equipped sharpshooters in the tower and all his pistol equipped rangers in the church. The first shot of the riflemen took out one of the Indian shooters.  
All the rangers are hiding under the windows
The Rangers make a break out of the side of the church and start attacking the Indians with bows.
The Indians reposition into the building. My chosen warriors tried to climb the ladder but at half speed and failing the first climbing test that looked like a bad job.
In the end the Indians had managed to inflict one wound all game and lost 5 models so we bailed out the back of the building and ran for the hills.


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