Cowboys and Indians game 2

I got in a second game against Richard's all female posse. These lovely ladies decided they didn't like my Indians camping on their cattle range and decided to run us off.

On the other half of the table Thomas is trying to rescue a Criminal Informant from Alan's lawmen posse. 
Alan's officers of the law are fixing to give this varmint a right proper lynching.
This was an interesting game to listen to. It ended when Thomas tried to shoot the rope holding the noose and shot his informant instead.

Here's my Indians camping out on the range.
Part of Richards posse is approaching from the left, there is a firefight going on amongst the rocks
Over on the other side, my sacred warriors have made it into combat with Richard's posse. My shooters had managed to take down Richard's rifle armed gun girl. It turns out she died of her injuries.
We are getting down to knife fighting range on the other side.
The Indian's charge into close combat. We managed to kill one of the ranchers but my leader failed in combat.
My Chosen Warriors made it into combat but I couldn't roll any decent dice and one of my warriors got shanked by Richard's leader.
Seeing one of the sacred warriors go down proved too much for my leader who failed his bottle test and the game ended.
Fortunately none of my warband were killed and I got enough money to buy another warrior.



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