Legends of the Old West

Last weekend I took my Indian War Party down to the club to learn how to play Legends of the Old West. I got in a couple of games to kick start my part in our campaign.

In the first game my Indians had ambushed the train and were making off with the cargo of moonshine when Alan's possie of Lawmen showed up.

Here is the train table Alan and I are going to use.
Tomas and Richard are lining up for a shoot out in town.
Here are some of Alan's lawmen
The Indians are disembarking from the train.
Drat there are lawmen on the starboard bow as well
Richard's cowboys are confronted by Thoma's Texas Rangers
The initial musket and arrow volley didn't amount to much. Some of the Indians disembarked with the moonshine while others took cover ready to take the fight to the lawmen.
Unfortunately Alan managed to kill my close combat specialist while he was hiding in solid cover. 
The Youngblood raced off the table with one of the barrels of moonshine. That was as good as it got for the Indians and they melted into the darkness.
A couple of Indians died, fortunately we just made enough money to buy some replacements. 


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