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Dragon nights are coming before winter

My new 40K army is progressing. The Knights are coming along. I now have the legs positioned onto the bases and ready for some more layers of metallic colours. I had to do some cutting of the rocks to ensure the feet had a good contact point.  The initial coat of metallic colour has highlighted a seam over the hips so they need some remedial work before I apply the next coats. I have been laying down the basic colours on the armour plates. I can then paint in some shades, highlights and apply the transfers. I have still to decide whether to make the edges of the armour panels gold or bone coloured. I have started doing work on the carapaces of the knights. I am doing a scaled pattern I have also got the first squad of the supporting foot soldiers ready to go. Once the knights have been glued to their bases I can add the snow to the bases and some tufts to increase the interest. There is also a police phone box, red phone box and letter box set from Warl

Walking Dead the case of the Kalumata olives

Alan is a big fan of the Walking Dead game. I never read the comics or got into the TV series so the specific characters don't mean as much to me. Alan has said that there is a "generate your own" character creator so you can build your own parties. While we were getting our lunch we overheard one of the other shoppers complaining about how peeved she was about the price of Kalumata olives. Real first world problems. Alan gave me the escaped convict crew while he used the characters from the TV series. In this scenario both groups have come upon a camp site in their search for supplies. Some zombies are wandering about near the tents. At this point it doesn't matter whether the zombies were the original inhabitants of the campsite or later arrivals. but a canvas tent isn't going to keep out a zombie for long. In the initial turns the plan is to cull the zombies around the campsite without attracting too many other zombies. Then you can leg it back to ba

KIngs of War at the club

I went down to the club on the weekend and there was a one day Kings of War tournament. It was nice to see people having fun with their hobby and people with a range of nice looking armies. There were armies or Orks, daemons and even armies of fishmen. Some other club members were also playing a multiplayer DBA game. they have been running a long running dark age 1066 campaign. Other games were some Dystopian wars and a large colonial battle of the Nile. it definately did not look like those fuzzy wuzzies did not like the bayonet. There was also a couple of games of 40K where Thomas's Thousand Son's army claimed another scalp.

Progress on several fronts

I made progress on several projects last week. I have been painting my Blakes 7 models. The federation models are the most advanced because they follow the same colour scheme. The rebels all have their own colours. Often earthy colours like beige and greens. There has also been some talk online about a reboot or re-imagining of the series. I am not sure how well this would go down at the moment with a group of rebels opposing the government and undertaking acts of sabotage and destruction to try and brings down the government. I have some B7 ships coming from shapeways and I am looking at campaigns like Hunt the Bismark to provide some ideas for scenarios. I am also looking for ways to model the hidden movement options that reflect the challenges of searching for a target over a wide area with multiple possible objectives. I have also been doings some work on the bases for my 40K Knight army. These bases are bark cut and painted to look like rock and then the ground works

Infinity - Armoury mission

I got to play another game of Infinity. This is my second game of the year. I got to play a new opponent. Ryan also has a Haqqislam army so it would be interesting to see what figures and strategies Ryan used. I took my Aleph army. I was planning on using the time honoured strategy of throwing smoke clouds and then using my MSV equipped troops to shoot through the smoke. In case the enemy was smart enough to bring some visor equipped troops I could put down some white noise and then shoot them with my non - visor troops. Here is a shot from about half way through the game. My Asura heavy infantry is in the objective room and is busy trying on fashions from the auto wardrobes. I have the approach lines covered by the tac bots on suppression fire. Some notable duels, Ryan moved one of his models who in addition to a disposable rocket launcher was also a doctor with a servant. So after blowing up my total reaction bot with his rocket launcher he tried to sell pharmaceuticals to m