Walking Dead the case of the Kalumata olives

Alan is a big fan of the Walking Dead game. I never read the comics or got into the TV series so the specific characters don't mean as much to me. Alan has said that there is a "generate your own" character creator so you can build your own parties.

While we were getting our lunch we overheard one of the other shoppers complaining about how peeved she was about the price of Kalumata olives. Real first world problems.

Alan gave me the escaped convict crew while he used the characters from the TV series.

In this scenario both groups have come upon a camp site in their search for supplies. Some zombies are wandering about near the tents. At this point it doesn't matter whether the zombies were the original inhabitants of the campsite or later arrivals. but a canvas tent isn't going to keep out a zombie for long.

In the initial turns the plan is to cull the zombies around the campsite without attracting too many other zombies. Then you can leg it back to base with your loot. A big fight starts around the two crashed cars. Zombies start swarming around Alans gang wile one of my criminals ends up in a fight with one of Alan's models over the loot in the back of the pick up truck. I start sneaking forward to steal some loot.

My convict manages to shoot Alan's soccer mom and a swarm of zombies surrounds him and Alan's sniper. Both characters don't last long before disappearing under an ocean of dead flesh.

One of my convicts tries to stab Alan's little girl but gets a hammer to the face for his cheek. Then he gets a bad case of ax to the head from Rick. The the Zombies surround my convict in the middle. The zombies got a burst of energy from the pending electrical storm.

There is now a big scrum in the middle, a couple of Alan's characters are down to their last wound and infected with zombie pox so not long for this world.

The ocean of Zombies moves towards Alan's characters at the back of the caravan. At this point its tough to fight off that many zombies. So my gang leader grabs a goody bag and heads for the edge of the board. There is one nearby zombie but my character is pretty good in close combat. It's a bit hard on the minions but that's the benefit of being evil.

Then disaster, the zombies all get to move and then attack due to an event card. both Alan's and my last character are surrounded by zombies and torn limb from limb. So it's a bit harder on the cast than the regular series.

So this game is a lot of fun and the models are nice looking and there is plenty of variety.


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