Progress on several fronts

I made progress on several projects last week.

I have been painting my Blakes 7 models. The federation models are the most advanced because they follow the same colour scheme. The rebels all have their own colours. Often earthy colours like beige and greens.

There has also been some talk online about a reboot or re-imagining of the series. I am not sure how well this would go down at the moment with a group of rebels opposing the government and undertaking acts of sabotage and destruction to try and brings down the government.

I have some B7 ships coming from shapeways and I am looking at campaigns like Hunt the Bismark to provide some ideas for scenarios. I am also looking for ways to model the hidden movement options that reflect the challenges of searching for a target over a wide area with multiple possible objectives.

I have also been doings some work on the bases for my 40K Knight army.

These bases are bark cut and painted to look like rock and then the ground works are herbs from the supermarket. they are cheaper than scenic flock.

I will add the snow effects once the models are attached to the bases.

The black armour also got painted on the first squad. I need to add the leather and the glasses.

Next stop painting the Knights.


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