Dragon nights are coming before winter

My new 40K army is progressing.

The Knights are coming along. I now have the legs positioned onto the bases and ready for some more layers of metallic colours. I had to do some cutting of the rocks to ensure the feet had a good contact point.
 The initial coat of metallic colour has highlighted a seam over the hips so they need some remedial work before I apply the next coats.

I have been laying down the basic colours on the armour plates. I can then paint in some shades, highlights and apply the transfers. I have still to decide whether to make the edges of the armour panels gold or bone coloured. I have started doing work on the carapaces of the knights. I am doing a scaled pattern

I have also got the first squad of the supporting foot soldiers ready to go. Once the knights have been glued to their bases I can add the snow to the bases and some tufts to increase the interest. There is also a police phone box, red phone box and letter box set from Warlord games. These came as part of the Operation Sealion campaign pack, but they might also be able to house a small party of temporal travelers.


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