Infinity - Armoury mission

I got to play another game of Infinity. This is my second game of the year. I got to play a new opponent. Ryan also has a Haqqislam army so it would be interesting to see what figures and strategies Ryan used.

I took my Aleph army. I was planning on using the time honoured strategy of throwing smoke clouds and then using my MSV equipped troops to shoot through the smoke. In case the enemy was smart enough to bring some visor equipped troops I could put down some white noise and then shoot them with my non - visor troops.

Here is a shot from about half way through the game. My Asura heavy infantry is in the objective room and is busy trying on fashions from the auto wardrobes. I have the approach lines covered by the tac bots on suppression fire.

Some notable duels, Ryan moved one of his models who in addition to a disposable rocket launcher was also a doctor with a servant. So after blowing up my total reaction bot with his rocket launcher he tried to sell pharmaceuticals to my high value target. she wasn't buying and my post human discouraged the errant doctor with her nanopulsar.

In another epic battle, Ryan's Druze hacker moved out to shoot my repeater bot that had been sneaking down the left side of the armoury specifically with the objective of neutralising the hacker. The hacker stepped out and shot my remote, the remote tried to flash pulse back and lost the roll off, a killer hacker and hacker plus tried to fry the hacker and failed and the tac bot on suppression also missed.

In the end, Ryan couldn't get into the room and ended up in retreat in my turn three.

It was a fun game and Ryan is up with a rematch at the end of the month. It will be nice to expand our small Infinity community at the club.


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