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Aliens Terrain

I have been watching a bunch of online roleplaying groups celebrate their hobby. The players do a great job of getting into their character, coming up with voices and accents. One of the best games to watch is the Alien game. Its a universe I have enjoyed since the movies first game out. With Stargrave coming out soon its likely that our adventuring crew will get into all sorts of trouble seeking out loot counters. I built some terrain that could make a great central objective or a place where you access another part of the game space, such as underground. Several of Joe's scenarios use a special room where players have to get to to meet the main monster and get to the best loot. So with a block of high density foam in my hands and plenty of Aliens podcasts to listen to, here is what I got up to. Here is the first rough carved shape and the initial sanding. I added another part to the curve to create a cave like space that corresponds to the central portion of the ship. I also adde

Goblin Survial - if you fall behind you get left behind

Zane's Goblin warband also had to run the gauntlet of doom. The Goblin culture is a much harsher meritocracy where the weak get left to fend for themselves and the wounded are abandoned. Lets see how they got on. Zane chose to run from the other end of the same table I used. Once again Thomas was playing the monsters. The initial ambush involved berserkers advancing from both sides out of the ruined tower.  The initial wave is beaten back. There is a big scrum at the bottom of the building. The goblin wizard is chucking grenades around like his life depends on it, which it does. The goblins are pressing up against the dimensional barrier. Berserkers are starting to unpick the mutual support and when a Berserker is in combat with a support element like an archer its bad for the archer. The goblins are making a stand at the woods, their squig leopards are forming the rear guards Toms dice started to warm up in the second half of the chase and the goblin rearguard is getting dragged d

Frostgrave - Run, Run, Run all the way home.

This is the second part of the raid on the barbarian camp. We now had to get back to our base. Unfortunately the Barbarians were using Foul Horns to sniff out our trail. So now we were being hunted down in the ruined streets of Frostgrave. Here are the crew skirting a tower covered with disturbing runes, symbols and freises. This is the view towards freedom. We can't simply run or teleport to the end because there is a dimensional barrier across the pathway. A couple of Blood Marked Barbarians and a Foulhorn attack the warband. In the first target of the game Marion gets hit by a +0 elemental attack. Thomas rolls a 20 eek. However Marion also rolls a 20 and so escapes unharmed. We dispose of the Foulhorn but lose Bertrand (which was annoying because he had been buffed to boost his fight) Mildred climbed the tower and recovered a treasure. Now all she has to do is make it down to ground level and to the other end of the table. Richard and the Ghost of Arthur Pendragon are fighting o

Frostgrave - Another storied band member bites the dust

We had what turned out to be a fairly brutal Frostgrave game. This was supposed to be a nice quite commando mission to sneak into a Barbarian camp and uncover clues (nick their stuff and kill everyone). The mission turned into a 4 player game and a mind bending reality cracks effect that transformed parts of the table into their own pocket universes and the other parts of the table into an Inception or Matrix inspired curvature of space time. Alan and I were planning on sneaking up on the barbarians behind walls of Fog, However Ed's warband didn't think much of sneaking around and set of the alarm straight away. So the Berserkers were armed and ready and madder than a hornets next poked with a stick. This is the initial position during the first turn, advancing between some ruined towers towards a huge tent surrounded by offering to the barbarians daemon gods. On the left Alan has created a wall of fog to screen his advance. Marion has cast combat awareness on herself. Isadora

Hobby Update - getting stuff done.

 I have been having fun painting and building some models. I bought myself the Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Core and accessories sets. This comes with a load of really nice plastic models. These are some scenery crates and computer terminals, you can gain extra supplies or uncover information by interacting with these components. If you get to a create you could manage to recover some valuable Weyland Yutani invoices from the Aliens. This set contains the obligatory, Ripley in power load, Ripley rescuing Newt with a Combi flamer, Bishop with and without legs, Newt and Burke. There are also some face huggers and Sentry guns.  Here are the Marines, this is all ten of them including Gorman.  Here is a summoner crew. The idea behind this warband is to summon daemons and supercharge the warriors to end up with loads of high fight warriors to keep opponents out of the way. Here are some monsters, some rats, a drowned zombie, a couple of Nulmen and a giant zombie daemon/golem. Here are