Goblin Survial - if you fall behind you get left behind

Zane's Goblin warband also had to run the gauntlet of doom. The Goblin culture is a much harsher meritocracy where the weak get left to fend for themselves and the wounded are abandoned. Lets see how they got on.

Zane chose to run from the other end of the same table I used. Once again Thomas was playing the monsters. The initial ambush involved berserkers advancing from both sides out of the ruined tower. 
The initial wave is beaten back. There is a big scrum at the bottom of the building. The goblin wizard is chucking grenades around like his life depends on it, which it does.

The goblins are pressing up against the dimensional barrier. Berserkers are starting to unpick the mutual support and when a Berserker is in combat with a support element like an archer its bad for the archer.
The goblins are making a stand at the woods, their squig leopards are forming the rear guards
Toms dice started to warm up in the second half of the chase and the goblin rearguard is getting dragged down.
The withdrawal is turning into a rout. Zane's zombie is doing a fantastic job holding up a Berserker and also acting as a dump off target for the special effects.
The finish line is in sight, its the calm before the storm.
There is murder in the snow as the goblin rearguard is dragged down. The zombie is still fighting the Berserker, its lost some flesh but its a zombie.
The last 4 members of Zane's warband make it to safetyOne of the goblins has a treasure.

Spoiler the treasure carrier didn't make it.

4 goblins including two spell casters made it off the table but they didn't get any treasure. 

This scenario is quite brutal. its highly likely that half the warband won't make it off the table. But its very exciting with a high risk high reward feel.


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