Hobby Update - getting stuff done.

 I have been having fun painting and building some models.

I bought myself the Aliens Another Glorious Day in the Core and accessories sets. This comes with a load of really nice plastic models.

These are some scenery crates and computer terminals, you can gain extra supplies or uncover information by interacting with these components. If you get to a create you could manage to recover some valuable Weyland Yutani invoices from the Aliens.
This set contains the obligatory, Ripley in power load, Ripley rescuing Newt with a Combi flamer, Bishop with and without legs, Newt and Burke. There are also some face huggers and Sentry guns. 
Here are the Marines, this is all ten of them including Gorman. 
Here is a summoner crew. The idea behind this warband is to summon daemons and supercharge the warriors to end up with loads of high fight warriors to keep opponents out of the way.
Here are some monsters, some rats, a drowned zombie, a couple of Nulmen and a giant zombie daemon/golem.
Here are a collection of Malifaux daemons, these range from Imps to larger daemons. The Malifaux models are nice metal models with a good level of detail and not too difficult to assemble.


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