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Hobby update - return of the space marines

 I have been making progress on a few projects. Here are my Relic Blade figures. I even managed to get a bit of OSL on the models with torches. All the models are painted in a Red-Yellow-Grey scheme to unify them. I have been building some marble style bases. These took a couple of goes to get to look like this. I ended up going with a variant of a Technique Vince Venturella showed in his Hobby Cheating video. Everyone on the interwebs recommends making a mesh out of wet wipes and spraying the different layers on. I tried this  I got hardly any colour through the wet wipes. Even through what looked like a good mesh it still had enough fibers to block the spray. Or I ripped holes in it which gave me a spotted colour rather than the webs. This did give me a nice varied base coat. I made these bases by rolling out Green stuff using my new Temple roller. The hardest part is rolling the larger bases, they tend to bend in the middle. I am back assembling Space Marines in Mk6 armour. I first

Frostgrave - game three

Alan and I got together for another Frostgrave game on Saturday. We played the Orb scenario, which had the central treasure locked into some kind of booby-trapped case. Here is half my Warband, this includes my new Apothecary, apprentice and Man at Arms This is the other half of my warband, this includes the Wizard and my new shiny Assassin. This is an overview of the board. There are 4 flying imps under the bridges Make that three imps as my archer takes one down. The apprentices team advance and one of the imps flaps over to attack us. The Wizards team are moving forwards with the Assassin leading the way Everyone moves up towards the treasure while the assassin looks it over. The apprentice mind controls the imp and convinces it that it wants to join our happy band. We then send the Imp to hand out pamphlets over near the treasure. The Apprentice and Wizard are moving to support their warband members and make up their minds about which treasure to try and grab. Trouble under the bri

Hobby Update - making terrain

 We have started playing Frostrave again and that got me inspired to make some more terrain. I remembered Ash Barker had some ruined bridge sections he had got from an aquarium supplier. We don't have anything like that here, so I made some out of polystyrene and covered it in textured clay. This is the bridge sections. I made the edges crumbling, like that scene in Aliens vs Predator where the bridge crumbles. I also made a set of stairs to enable people to climb up to something elevated. they will most likely have to jump. Its much easier to make things like this out of Polystyrene with the Proxxon cutter. I can cut shapes and blocks and then assemble them. Its also easy to make curves using a template. Next off to painting.

Frostgrave - Second game

On Saturday I played Thomas and his Enchanter warband. We played the Mausoleum scenario where we find an ancient gravesite guarded by Skeletons. My Thief is trying to unlock the treasure. He is obviously confused by the fact its a book. My Apprentice looks on with disgust and tries to motivate the Thief. No, No, turn it the to the left, no the other left. My Wizard Mind Controlled one of the Skeltal guardians and caused it to attack another. While the Skeletons were distracting each other my Infantryman smashed the enemy skellie to bits. Everyone raced forwards to the treasures. My Man at Arms supported by an Infantryman cover around the left hand side of the tower. Thomas didn't like my soldiers looking at his wizard so blocked off the hole with a stone wall. All this noise has attracted some wild dogs who start coming towards Thomas's team. My Thug picks up a treasure after the thief had unlocked it. My Wizard then transposed him with the skeleton and the Skeleton ran off to