Frostgrave - game three

Alan and I got together for another Frostgrave game on Saturday. We played the Orb scenario, which had the central treasure locked into some kind of booby-trapped case.
Here is half my Warband, this includes my new Apothecary, apprentice and Man at Arms
This is the other half of my warband, this includes the Wizard and my new shiny Assassin.
This is an overview of the board. There are 4 flying imps under the bridges
Make that three imps as my archer takes one down.
The apprentices team advance and one of the imps flaps over to attack us.
The Wizards team are moving forwards with the Assassin leading the way
Everyone moves up towards the treasure while the assassin looks it over.
The apprentice mind controls the imp and convinces it that it wants to join our happy band. We then send the Imp to hand out pamphlets over near the treasure.
The Apprentice and Wizard are moving to support their warband members and make up their minds about which treasure to try and grab.
Trouble under the bridge. This is my new terrain. it still needs some highlighting and snow effects added. Alan sent his infantryman around to menace my Assassin. My archer shot him down and my infantrymen rush up to try and look intimidating.
A complicated almost fight is going on. Alan's invisible thief is standing next to a treasure but can't pick it up. My models can't pick it up either. My imp had momentary doubts about joining the movement but another dose of mind control and he rejoined the team. 
My Wizard had a go at unlocking the central treasure. He made a good roll but still lost and got badly zapped by the Orb. I was wondering why I sent my Apothecary to help in a fight but now it seemed prophetic. My wizard is a Soothsayer after all.
Alan's Templar attacked my Assassin. Both fighters scored a critical hit and took each other out of action. Maybe my assassin got a bad case of new model syndrome. 
My archer moved down towards the center of the table while the two infantrymen worked on unlocking the treasure with their hammers.
My Two infantrymen look around blankly as Alan's invisible thief makes and escape with a treasure. 
The fight for the treasure got hot. Alan's thief unlocked the treasure and picked it up making her visible. My Man at arms with the help of the Imp takes out Alan's infantryman.
My Apothecary moves over and gives the wizard his healing potion, then they try and unlock the Orb the Wizard fails but the Apothecary unlocks it with a well-judged blow of his staff.
Alan's Thug has been trying to unlock the treasure for some time and finally figured it out.
The Wizard Apprentice and Apothecary all try and make it to safety. Both my Wizards are trying and failing to cast heal on each other.
My Man at Arms has finished beating up Alan's thief. Alan's Sword master comes over to collect the treasure but gets an axe in the face instead. 
The Apothecary makes it to safety behind a house ready to carry the Orb off the table.
Alan had also been dealing with a very annoying armoured Skeleton warrior. it took down Alan's thug. My Infantryman ran over a took a serious wound before smashing the Skeleton to bits.




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