Frostgrave - Second game

On Saturday I played Thomas and his Enchanter warband. We played the Mausoleum scenario where we find an ancient gravesite guarded by Skeletons.

My Thief is trying to unlock the treasure. He is obviously confused by the fact its a book. My Apprentice looks on with disgust and tries to motivate the Thief. No, No, turn it the to the left, no the other left.

My Wizard Mind Controlled one of the Skeltal guardians and caused it to attack another. While the Skeletons were distracting each other my Infantryman smashed the enemy skellie to bits. Everyone raced forwards to the treasures.
My Man at Arms supported by an Infantryman cover around the left hand side of the tower. Thomas didn't like my soldiers looking at his wizard so blocked off the hole with a stone wall.
All this noise has attracted some wild dogs who start coming towards Thomas's team.
My Thug picks up a treasure after the thief had unlocked it. My Wizard then transposed him with the skeleton and the Skeleton ran off to scratch at the other wall Thomas had created.
One of Thomas's warriors got shived with a rusty toothbrush by a Skellie, then the Skellie was bashed to bits.
Thomas's crew are being menaced by a pair of wild dogs and some armoured skeletons. Thomas tried to grenade the dogs but they proved to be much harder to hurt than expected.
My crew start to fall back having secured three treasures. We are covered by the Man at arms and an Infantryman both are buffed with Combat Awareness.
Thomas's crew start extracting towards the right hand side of the table. To get away from the Skeletons and the dogs. Skeletons keep emerging from the Mausoleum.
Thomas's team exits stage right having secured three treasures
Here is my crew after the mission I recovered a Bow of +1 damage, an Orb of power and a grimoire of Call Storm (which is very hard for me to cast)
I replace the Thug and one of the Thieves with an Assassin and an Apothecary.


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