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Kill Team - Sub Level C - part 2

 In the afternoon, Ben and I got in a second game. I used my Genestealers. This time I got to be the defender so I swapped the layout to use the other side of the board. Here are my Genestealers, I have modelled them with the different biomorphs (equipment). I get to select 10 models. Here we are deployed and ready to go. I'm measuring whether I can get the Genestealer all the way down the room in a first activation charge and eat the Plasmagunner. Genestealers are great at over running objectives with their free Dash. I've made it into the room. I'm about to eat one of the Blooded. One stealer squirted acid all over the Blooded leader, this gave me 2 points for head hunter. Here we are advancing down the hall. Ben made a play with his plasma gunner dashing within 2 inches and then using the Enforcer to command the gunner to take an overwatch shot. However the shot missed (needing 5s to hit). In the coridor on the right I moved in with one stealer after opeing the doon. Ben

Kill Team - Sub Level C - Part 1

 I played a couple of games against Ben's Blooded team. I the first game I tried out my newly painted Mandrake team. Will the Mandrakes survive the curse of the newly painted models "You must not lick from the Brush!". Mandrakes have a lot of special rules, abilities and wargear so there is definitely a learning curve. Here are the team. I reversed some of the colours from the boxed scheme. I made up an asymmetrical map, so that the choice of defender would mean something these are a pack from one of the US tournament organisers. Some of Ben's horde More of Ben's horde This room in the on the centerline of the left is a bit of a deathtrap. There are no objectives in the room. My Shadow weaver has moved up and looted the coridor objective and Ben has moved up his Grenadier. My Chooser of the Flesh didn't let a little think like walls get in the way and charged the Grenadier and killed him, Yes Mandrakes can charge on Conceal through walls although it burns thro

Kill Team - Blooded into the Dark

After using the Legionaries team in the April event, I wanted to try out a more numerous team so I could experience what it was like to run a more numerous and more fragile team. In the first mission I was attacking a Phobos team. The marines ended up doing a passable final stand in a room on the edge of the board.  One of the Marines moved to engage my Sniper, I then increased his APL with the Comms man and used the third action to shoot the Marine The Second marine raced in and shot my leader in the back. I then moved my sniper onto the objective on the left because that was certain rather than try and take the objective back from a marine.  There were some other great moments in the game, some very clever smoke obscuring some of the marines, The sacrificial trooper that failed to die to the EMP mine explosion. This denied me a blooded token so the Gods were not interested until turn 3. With Kill team being such a quick game I got in a second game in the afternoon. This time some Nav

Kill Team - Genestealers

 "Whisky Outpost, Whisky Outpost ... Please respond". "Thats the third failed comm check for Whisky Outpost Sir" "We can't lose contact with one of our outposts, that creates a breach in our perimeter. Dispatch Sundance 19 to investigate." I got to try out my new Genestealer team. This was also my first time playing against Kasrkin. We needed to secure the objectives to claim them. Here are some of my Genestealers. The Leader is a metal model close to 30 years old, he has the golden medallion of office. He has left his sedan chair behind. Here is the other flank. Here are the Kasrkin. "I've got movement, can't lock it down... Signals don't show up on infra- red". Genestealers can't be taken off Conceal by any other rules. Here is the Kasrkin left flank. The General Kasrkin strategy was to use their barricades to impede the Genestealers assaulting the troopers.  "Looks like they made Barricades out of welded metal, but the

Kill Team - Genestealers Sergeant! Fousands of em!

I got inspired by someone's excellent Tyranid paint job to paint some Genestealers. This is the nice thing about Kill Team, you can get inspired, make a team and be ready to game in a week. Thats very different to the days we would be planning the army for the next years tournament on the plane ride back home. These schemes were inspired by the art from the Third edition codex cover. Here are some work in progress shots, the carapace is black and the skin is shades of grey shaded with Army painter Jump Suit shader to give them a purple hue. Here they are after some red markings. The patriarch model is close to 30 years old. Here they are highlighted up into orange. The ones with Yellow tongues can spit acid and I have one with the tongue spears. Here they are ready for their first game ready to try and eat some Kasrkin. Its my first time with this team and my first time playing against Kasrkin.