Kill Team - Genestealers Sergeant! Fousands of em!

I got inspired by someone's excellent Tyranid paint job to paint some Genestealers. This is the nice thing about Kill Team, you can get inspired, make a team and be ready to game in a week. Thats very different to the days we would be planning the army for the next years tournament on the plane ride back home.

These schemes were inspired by the art from the Third edition codex cover.
Here are some work in progress shots, the carapace is black and the skin is shades of grey shaded with Army painter Jump Suit shader to give them a purple hue.
Here they are after some red markings. The patriarch model is close to 30 years old.
Here they are highlighted up into orange. The ones with Yellow tongues can spit acid and I have one with the tongue spears.
Here they are ready for their first game ready to try and eat some Kasrkin. Its my first time with this team and my first time playing against Kasrkin.


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