Kill Team - Blooded into the Dark

After using the Legionaries team in the April event, I wanted to try out a more numerous team so I could experience what it was like to run a more numerous and more fragile team.

In the first mission I was attacking a Phobos team. The marines ended up doing a passable final stand in a room on the edge of the board. 

One of the Marines moved to engage my Sniper, I then increased his APL with the Comms man and used the third action to shoot the Marine

The Second marine raced in and shot my leader in the back. I then moved my sniper onto the objective on the left because that was certain rather than try and take the objective back from a marine. 

There were some other great moments in the game, some very clever smoke obscuring some of the marines, The sacrificial trooper that failed to die to the EMP mine explosion. This denied me a blooded token so the Gods were not interested until turn 3.

With Kill team being such a quick game I got in a second game in the afternoon. This time some Navy Armsmen were trying to stop me.
I have taken control of Objective 3 and there is a gunfight going down the hall past objective 2. There has also been some close range shooting and firefights down the corridor to the right.
The Ogryn is about to take the bait and charge Armsman Tethered Goat. (I've only got 4 more weeks of service before I can retire and go home and marry my childhood sweatheart). The Armsman was dispatched under the mountain of rotting flesh. The Ogryn then absorbed shooting from several models before falling.
The Marksman again had a good game. He took out several models but could not shake off the annoying sensor bot that was trying to run over his foot.

Only a few photos, I forgot my Camera and these are from my phone.


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