Kill Team - Genestealers

 "Whisky Outpost, Whisky Outpost ... Please respond".

"Thats the third failed comm check for Whisky Outpost Sir"

"We can't lose contact with one of our outposts, that creates a breach in our perimeter. Dispatch Sundance 19 to investigate."

I got to try out my new Genestealer team. This was also my first time playing against Kasrkin. We needed to secure the objectives to claim them.

Here are some of my Genestealers. The Leader is a metal model close to 30 years old, he has the golden medallion of office. He has left his sedan chair behind.

Here is the other flank.

Here are the Kasrkin.
"I've got movement, can't lock it down... Signals don't show up on infra- red". Genestealers can't be taken off Conceal by any other rules.
Here is the Kasrkin left flank. The General Kasrkin strategy was to use their barricades to impede the Genestealers assaulting the troopers. 
"Looks like they made Barricades out of welded metal, but they didn't hold."
The Kasrkin used their relocation stratagem (I found out later you can't do this on the first turn) The Genestealers used Stalk to move forwards and then charged the meltagunner. (Welcome to the mission) The Meltagunner was dispatched. This did leave the Genestealer out on in front of three angry Kasrkin. Unfortunately, I could not quite charge enough to engage a second model.

The angry Kasrkin dispatch the first Genestealer but this gives me time to secure the first objective.
In the middle the Kasrkin have put a bomb next to one objective and nominated it as their vital objective. The bomb location was crucial because I could get control of the objective by standing to the left of the objective while still being out of range of the bomb.
Here a Genestealer is bravely sacrificing himself to secure another objective for the hivemind.
The Genestealers are moving forwards and have secured two objectives for a total of 4, there is one in the building on the right of the picture. The Stealer is securing it with his tail. This would prove to be a critical lead.
This Genestealer is holding back two Kasrkin. They don't want to get too close because I have another Stealer hiding behind rubble that could make their life exciting.
I a move I didn't see coming, the Kasrkin scanner operator charged the genestealer. Holding the objective. The Kasrkin played "Remember Cadia" which added one to the damage of his combat knife and gave him a 5+ FNP. Both sides ended up taking damage but neither died.
The Grenadier charged into the heart of the genestealers and damaged the leader with his hot shot pistol. Another Genestealer has charged the sniper on the vantage point. In a fit of complete competence he failed to kill his target. However the Cadian Sniper attacked back (rather than passing). This gave me Rout later than I had planned but a turn earlier than it could have been. I did take some more damage though.

His noble sacrifice showed how brave the Cadians are and the Genestealer leader made sure his suffering was brief. The Cadian Sniper attacked back (rather than passing). This gave me Rout later than I had planned but a turn earlier than it could have been. I did take some more damage though.
The Genestealer killed the Cadian on the objective, giving me one for Eliminate Guards and then charged the medic. The Medic then fell back and the stealer fell to the plasma pistol of the sergeant. This did mean the Cadians did not have enough actions to secure the objective.
With the Last Genestealer on that side dealt with the Cadian Sergeant moved to the main nest site, only to find it vacated. The Genestealer Leader has vacated the main nest and slunk down to the Cadian vital Objective and Secured it for the Hive Mind.

In the last Genestealer action of turn 4. I used Stalk to move the Leader around the Bomb and then charged the Medic. This game me a second point for Rout and a point for Rob and Ransack. The Leader was then blasted by the Plasma gunner who had a very good game.

In the end, the Stealers managed to score 14 to the Cadians 13. I got 10 from Primaries and 4 from secondaries. A great game that came down to the wire. Next game I will make sure to kill the Sergeant much earlier. Giving the squad an additional two Elite Points is very powerful.


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