Stargrave 40k - "we just got our asses kicked man"

Alan and I went up to the Bring and Buy day at the Kapiti Club in Paraparaumu. We took our Stargrave game. In this case we had followed our leads to an abandoned factory.

However when we got there we realised that the factory was far less abandoned than we had hoped. As we approached we could hear the sounds of chanting and the smell of old blood. It certainly didn't sound like Slaaneshi cultists.

Here is an overview of the factory mounds of overgrown rubble and broken machinery. At locations around the factory were groups of red robed figures crouched over bits of equipment. They appeared to be trying to unlock the access to an underground silo.
Here is the new Inquisition strike team. We have two new commandos and a doctor along with a former heretic that had been reprogrammed into an assault gladiator.
The cultists if thats what they are react with the skill and precision normally reserved for military units. Inquisitor Rathbourne smote a cultist with a Grenade launcher with a bolt of white fire.
Inquisitor Rathbourne leads his team into the assault. Derek and the new commando assault the cultists  the inquisitor attacks another while the gladiator attacks another and blocks up the flamer.
We manage to thin out their numbers but some of Inquisitor Malus's xenos allies show up behind my gunner (Again!)
An ancient Mechanicus security system activates and a giant warbot stomps into the ruins. Some of Inquisitor Malus's team are engaging some of the cultists on the far side. The growl of chain weapons in punctuated by meaty smacks and short screams.
The fighting is still on going. Nothing seems to give these cultists pause and they seem more dangers when they are wounded. Through the Melee, Inquisitor Rathbourne spies arch Heretic Cristophen Mars.
We have cleaned out several of the Heretics but the fight is still ongoing.
Inquisitor Rathbourne dispatches his cultist. My Hacker got taken out by a stray shot.
Inquisitor Malus's team are closing in on the other side of the factory. They have some really heavy firepower and its overwhelming the cultists.
Inqusitor Rathbourne makes into combat with Mars while his last two followers are engaged with the last wounded cultist.
The Xenos cultists join the fight and it gets dark and bloody very quickly.
Facing far less opposition Inqusitor Malus's team are closing in from all sides. Inquisitor Rathbourne strike a blow at one of Mars followers and wounds the arch heretic herself.
We have managed to wound and drive back the Xenos cultists. Inquisitor Rathbourn is trying to get past the guard of Mars but this is proving difficult.

The other half of the team have made it to another crate of contraband. trying to keep everyone covered in smoke to prevent them being targeted by the Warbot is really important otherwise someone will get vaporised. My trooper is fighting another wounded cultist. This is proving a much tougher fight than expected. Those cultists don't go down easily.
Another Xenos cutist is interfering and it attacking my Interrogator.
Derek the Sentry and the commando have finally finished off the last of Mars's cultists and move to assist the inquisitor. Meanwhile Inquisitor Malus's crew are making off with all the loot
We manage to push back the Xenos spawn and everyone opens fire but having trained at the storm trooper academy we all miss. The trooper and the cultist are taking a smoke break and lighting up Iho sticks.
Disaster, the Interogator is taken out with a critical hit from the Xenos cultist's gun. Dr Needles is running back and forth giving people "ignore wounded state" medicine. My Trooper is still fighting that cultist and the commando was a fraction out of the smoke while clearing his jammed gun and got zapped by the warbot. Memo to next commando, hide first then clear jammed gun.

After missing the cultist with his gun the gunner distracts him long enough for Dr Needles to stab the cultist in the neck and inject him with something that takes him out of the fight.
Aaaargh. Mars wins the fight against Inquisitor Rathbourne and pushes herself back. Only to get shot by the Xenos allies of Malus. Distracted the Inquisitor felled by a blast of a gun from Malu's team.
Outnumbered 10 to 1 Derek doesn't last long. The beastman is berserk and even fells some of the xenos. I think its to try and maintain plausible deniability.
Some mroe xenos cultists arrive to distract the warbot from pursing Malus's team
Only 3 models made it off the table under their own power. Only two rolled death results. Dr Needles tried to save the commando in the ships medical bay, but in spite of bringing him back once, when he arrested a second time that was it.

So we only made it off the table with one treasure and no bounty. The Xenos cultists even got the experience for killing Mars. I rolled another piece of Alien technology, but it worked with a power I don't have, so it was more useful converted into liquid assets. We had enough money to replace the losses.


  1. Great looking game! Are you using standard SG rules just set in the 40K universe or have you tweaked some of the rules to fit the setting?

    1. We are using the standard Stargrave rules. We set this campaign in the 40K universe because we have plenty of models from that genre. We have some definition changes, for example I use the Robot tag for all the daemons, this reflects them not feeling pain as normal people do.


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