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Daleks invasion of Swamp Town

The Daleks are now attacking Crystophon Marrs who is hiding out at a shanty town. The Daleks are after the Extrapolator shielding Marrs has. The Swamp Town has a +3 modifier to the Unwanted Attention table but Bounty Hunters and Shock Troopers are replaced with Ruffians. Reinforcements are likely to be numerous but not high quality. Both the Daleks make their armoury rolls saving 100 credits. Something suspicious has materialised in the forest. This is not a teddy bears picnic Doctor,. Turn 1 The Black Dalek activates his energy shielding and his strike force move up and take cover in the woods. One of the troopers blasts the indentured save worker with a critical hit. Shots directed at the Black Dalek miss or bounce off his armour. One the other flank: The Grenadier bombards a couple of Robomen and leaves them stunned. The Special Weapon Dalek blasts the recruit leaving him stunned and wounded Dalek 3 hits the Grenadier leaving him Stunned and Wounded Dalek 2 hits one of the Troopers

Daleks, the genetic abomination.

The Daleks have made use of and been victims of bioweapons several times during their history. One of the weaknesses of a cloned race is that something that affects one will affect all and there is no genetic diversity. The Movellans (a race of robots) created a virus that turned the Daleks into soap suds. This was bad for the poor little octopus creatures. In a case of life imitating art, NZ is back in level 4 lockdown after the Delta variant escaped into the community. At least its not zombie pox or xenomorph infestation. In this third mission, the Daleks have tracked down a genetic anomality that is rumored to have psychic powers. The target is trying to find a ship to escape in. This anomaly might have some genetic variation that the Daleks can use to help develop a cure to the space plague. The Dalek Supreme leads the other Dalek troopers down one street. The Special Weapons Dalek leads a formation of Robomen. The last Roboman and the mine worker take cover behind a shipping conta