Necromunda - Cawdors keep out

 I got in a second game in our Necromunda Campaign. In this game I was raiding Callum's Cawdor gang. They had been expanding into some tunnels and I thought that access to a network of secret tunnels would be very useful. Besides there were a lot of them and it would be good to try out some combat.

I had 7 models, I realised I was missing one after this picture. I had, the leader, both champions, two gangers and two Initiates. One of my initiates has a flamer, the other has a pistol and boning sword.
The Flamer initiate has infiltrated near a couple of unsuspecting Cawdor who are guarding one of the treasure crates.

Down at the other end of the table, Callum has set up a treasure crate in my deployment area. I return the favour by deploying right next to him.

The carnage begins with my champion activating along with a ganger and we pile in. One Cawdor is taken down with a slash from a whirling saw.
The Cawdor leader and a champion stood on top of the drill tower. The leaders main job was to shout "over there" to the champion who fired RPG rounds from a crossbow. My gangers are attacking some more Cawdor at the base of the tower.
My flamer initiate sneaks forwards and sets fire to a couple of Cawdor gangers. I didn't manage to wound them, but I did manage to set them both on fire. They spent the rest of the game racing around trying to put the fire out.

My ganger puts the Cawdor champion. Then the initiate moved in and did a bit of kill stealing by performing a coup de grais. In the background, my leader is finally getting his saw on. He took down two Cawdor in the same activation. 8 wounding hits and both of the Cawdor were out of action.
The campion cleans up the last Cawdor with a slash of his saw. My ganger tried to jump down on the Cawdor specialist who had fled combat, by falling off the edge of the platform. My Ganger jumped down afterwards and fell over as well.

At the end of the second turn we had taken out 6 Cawdors and another two were on fire. Callum's two survivors fled the field. None of Callum's gangers suffered catastrophic injuries, however several will be spending the next game in recovery. Not to worry there are plenty more desperate individuals looking for salvation. 

Loads of fun and next week a couple of other players are joining the campaign.


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