Daleks invasion of Swamp Town

The Daleks are now attacking Crystophon Marrs who is hiding out at a shanty town. The Daleks are after the Extrapolator shielding Marrs has.

The Swamp Town has a +3 modifier to the Unwanted Attention table but Bounty Hunters and Shock Troopers are replaced with Ruffians. Reinforcements are likely to be numerous but not high quality.

Both the Daleks make their armoury rolls saving 100 credits.

Something suspicious has materialised in the forest. This is not a teddy bears picnic Doctor,.

Turn 1

The Black Dalek activates his energy shielding and his strike force move up and take cover in the woods.

One of the troopers blasts the indentured save worker with a critical hit. Shots directed at the Black Dalek miss or bounce off his armour.

One the other flank:
The Grenadier bombards a couple of Robomen and leaves them stunned.

The Special Weapon Dalek blasts the recruit leaving him stunned and wounded
Dalek 3 hits the Grenadier leaving him Stunned and Wounded
Dalek 2 hits one of the Troopers and stuns him.

2 Ruffians show up as reinforcements

Turn 2

The Black Dalek suffers a weapons malfunction
Dalek 2 fails to penetrate the Snipers armour
Roboman 1 attacks the sniper and gets hit for 5 the sniper then pushes himself back to create room for a shot.

The Grenardier and the Recruit shake stun and stand up in from of the Dalek strike force.
Dalek 3 Exterminates the Reccruit and Dalek 4 Exterminates the Grenadier
The SW Dalek misses Cristophen Marrs.

The Gunner hits the Black Dalek, the Energy Shield absorbs some damage but still 5 points go through
The Trooper then hits the Black Dalek for 2 the the Recruit hits for 8. 
The Black Dalek is now Stunned and Wounded

Fresh from exterminating the slave worker, the Trooper hits Dalek 1 for 5.

Dalek 2 hits the Gunner for 8 Stunning him

Roboman 3 hits Marrs for 8 and Marrs makes a critical dodge to avoid a follow up shot.

Reinforcements are two more Ruffians

Turn 3

The Black Dalek reboots his critical systems
Dalek 2 Exterminates the Gunner, his body topples off the bridge and into the Swamp.
Roboman 1 charges the Sniper and hits for 12

The Recruit attacks the Black Dalek to no effect
Marrs Blasts Roboman 2 with a critical hit
Dalek 3 and 4 both shoot at Marrs with no effect and Dalek 4 suffers a Weapons Malfunction.

The SW Dalek uses Temporal Relocation to relocate to the middle of the field.

Rinforcements are 2 Pirate Troopers and a Ruffian

The Dalek attack on the left is stalling but the attack on the right is doing well and is now engaging Marrs.

Turn 4

Dalek 2 Exterminates the Sniper with a critical hit.
Roboman 1 bashes the Recruit for 6 the Black Dalek scratches for another point.
Trooper 3 hits Dalek 2 but fails to penetrate
Trooper 3 hits Dalek 1 for 7

Marrs misses Dalek 4
Robomen 3 and 4 surround Marrs and then Dalek 3 Exterminates Marrs and recovers the Extrapolator technology.
The SW Dalek Exterminates one of the Pirate Troopers, but then suffers a weapons malfunction.
The recruit is unable the damage the Black Dalek.

No Reinforcements

Turn 5

The Roboman finally manages to Exterminate the Recruit attacking the Black Dalek.
The Black Dalek manage to generate an Emergency Temporal Relocation and leaves the battle area on 1 Health. This play only had a 1/3 chance of working but it paid off.

Trooper 1 and Dalek 1 both kill each other with a double critical hit. Activate self destruct!

Roboman 1 hits the trooper for 4, Dalek 2 then follows up with a hit for 8 wounding the Trooper
One of the Pirate Ruffians makes a Critical dodge to evade the Blaster fire of Dalek 3.

Dalek 4 manages to unlock the Data Loot which is then downloaded by the waiting Roboman

Reinforcements 2 more Pirate Troopers arrive.

Turn 6

Roboman Exterminates the Trooper, who is then shot down by the Trooper, the last member of the Gang.
Dalek 2 then Exterminates the same Trooper and finishes off the last member of the Marrs Gang.
The Lieutenant then catches a group of Pirate Ruffians in the open and Exterminates one of them.
A Roboman charges one of the Ruffians and Exterminates him with his shock baton.
The Ruffian who has been slogging around in the swamp hits Dalek 2 leaving him on 1 health.

Reinforcements 1 Pirate Trooper

Turn 7

The Roboman with the Data escapes off the table.
The Lieutenant then blasts 3 Ruffians leaving 2 stunned and wounded and the third dead.
Dalek 4 blasts a Ruffian and Dalek 3 crisps a pirate trooper
Dalek 4 makes a critical dodge to evade the return fire.

Reinforcements 2 more Ruffians

Turn 8

Dalek 3 moves up and unlocks the physical loot.
The Lieutenant then moves up and picks up the loot as a free action, he then uses the Trasnmat to escape off the edge of the table. This requires him to empower it taking him down to 1 Health.
Dalek 4 then Exterminates the Pirate Trooper.
One of the Ruffians hits and Stuns a Roboman

Reinforcements 1 Ruffian

Turn 9 
Dalek 3 leaves the battle area
The Roboman recovers from being stunned and makes for the edge of the table. The Ruffian hits him again taking the Roboman to 4 Health.

Reinforcements 1 Ruffian far away

Turn 10 the last Roboman leaves the table

The Daleks make it off the table with 230 experience points, 510 Credits and a Swift suit that grants +1 movement.

All the downed crew members make a full recovery.
The Black Dalek and the Special Weapon Dalek both go up a level and reduce their the activation numbers by 1 for 1 of their powers.
The Daleks also upgrade their ship with an Armoury, this doubles the effect of a successful Armoury roll before the game.

One more game and I will have completed all 5 Dead or Alive missions with my Dalek crew.

Its much easier to remember the scenario complications when they have a physical representation. Remembering the minefield is really hard, as is the Robot network. The last complication is the Hostage rescue. I need to find a scientist who can help the Daleks reprogramme their battle computers to defeat the Movellans.


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