Necromunda, the Genestealer cult, who are the real close combat monsters?

Then I played Ed's Genestealer cult, These are a sneaky group of Xenos abominations. Ed has cunning shooters with grenade launchers and some close combat Abominations and an Ambot. What can mere  chainsaws do against such reckless hate? 

We are playing the border zone incursion, using Thomas's terrain. This layout features a lot of flat roofed buildings with big fields of fire. At the same time its hard to get to the people on the roof tops. Both of us featured random member selection to start on the table.

In the opening moves of the game, my Skinner charges the Abberant, in a flurry of attacks the abomination is knocked out and sent out of action. Ed then attacked with a second abberant. I used the Hard Stop tactics card and got to attack first. That abberant was then out of action as well.
My Buthcher and a ganger take cover behind a small building while one of my Initiates hides behind a small building, we are hiding from Ed's champion with Grenade launcher.
Here are several of the Genestealer hybrid accolytes. 

Reserves are starting to arrive around the edges of the battle zone.
My ganger tries to charge into Ed's leader. unfortunately he got a bit tired and missed and then got seriously injured in return. He then recovered to a flesh wound and  spent the rest of the game running around on fire after getting flamed. One of my initiates was sneaking over to get in the action, he got set on fire as well.
There is a face off between my ganger and Ed's hybrid. In the first round I caught a frag grenade but then I recovered and eventually got the drop on the hybrid. There is a big pile up in the middle after Ed's leaders familiar got poisoned by a gas grenade.
My ganger races around the corner, my Heavy Stubber Initiate is facing off against Ed' other Grenade launcher champion. He got hit by a krak grenade but it bounced off his armour.
My Initiate got splashed with an incendiary grenade but managed to run back into the room and put the fire out. 

My Leader didn't feature much in this game. He got pinned by a grenade and was getting back in the fight when Ed's gang bottled. Ed's Ambul tried to charge my leader but failed its courage test and decided to rethink its life.

So another exciting game between two fairly powerful gangs. However I think I have attracted the attention of the local law enforcement. 


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