Daleks, the Chase

The Daleks are back for a second mission. They are on a Seek, Locate, Destroy mission. The target is an alien covered in symbiotic body armour with in built weapon systems. The Target is holed up in an abandoned mine town surrounded by hired pirates and mercenaries.

So we need a quick strike and get out before we get overrun with pirate troopers. This part turned out to be tougher than I expected.

The Dalek strike force is deployed in the corner. 

The Target and the security.
A Sniper and a Sentry
The Target, a Burner, 2 troopers and a Battle Pug
An Armoured Trooper and another Sentry
An overview of the mining camp I'm inspired by the traditional BBC quarry.

Turn 1
The Daleks try and Alpha strike on the armoured trooper, three to one odds, should be a breeze right.
With typical efficiency the Daleks all miss, the mine slave runs forward and gets shot by the sentry and the big scary robot.

Turn 2
The Daleks pull back around the corner out of the line of fire of the Armoured Trooper and the Sentry, the revised plan is to lure the enemy into a crossfire. Maximum Extermination. 
The Daleks  made an advance in the middle. The Black Dalek puts down the War Pug. Sit, bad dog, you will be exterminated. The Black Dalek also over charged his Blaster. to ready for some Maximum Extermination.
The Burner is taken down by the combined Dalek firepower and the two troopers are both crisped and sent diving for cover
The Target, patrols between the treasures when not engaged in combat.
The Dalek plan works the armoured trooper is lured into an ambush and exterminated. The Sentry is pinned down by a Roboman and a Dalek.
The Daleks push forwards in the center, The Black Dalek, exterminated the Sentry, the Dalek trooper moves into combat with the trooper. The Lieutenant supports the advance of the Robomen on the Sniper and Sentry, the last Dalek moves up to provide fire support.
The Dalek and Roboman engage in some close combat, the Sentry does not like the Dalek's idea of trying out 101 thing I can do with a plunger.
Disaster, the second trooper takes down the Dalek trooper.
The Sentry takes down the Roboman, so much for being out numbered.
The combat at the other side of table is going well, the Robomen charge in to support the Black Dalek and take down the Sniper and the Sentry.
Some Pirates arrive, a Shock Trooper robot leads a trooper and a Ruffian forwards to rescue the Target.
The Black Dalek and a Roboman charge the Target. the Roboman finshes him off with a critical. The other Roboman is fighting the last trooper. The Pirates are also laying down fire while they advance.
Another Ruffian arrives attracted by the noise, or possibly the screams over the comms channels.
The Dalek had dealt with the Sentry, and was now advancing on he treasure when 2 Pirate Shock Troopers show up to try and change his mind.

A Pirate is advancing on the main combat in the middle.
The Shock Troopers engage the Dalek, The Dalek wounds one of the troopers but is stunned by a return shot.
The Dalek shakes off the Stun effect and retreats around the corner to cut down the incoming fore and maybe try an ambush.
The Shock Trooper is Exterminated, The Trooper is  stunned but the Lieutenant is wounded by the Ruffian. The Black Dalek takes down the Target and moves into contact with the Ruffian who then takes down the Black Dalek. 
The Dalek tries exchanging fire with the Shock Troopers but its not effective, that treasure is looking less and less likely.
The Lieutenant takes down the pirate trooper and the Ruffian is now wounded and stunned. The Dalek trooper is moving in on the treasure.
Two Robomen are exchanging fire with the Pirate trooper and another Ruffian. The Pirate trooper gets wounded and stunned.
Now the Dalek has pulled back the Shock Troopers are stalking the Robomen.
The Dalek trooper unlocks the treasure and leaves the combat area. The last Dalek is making its way to the center of the table while the Robomen try and hold off the pirates.
Another Pirate arrives and the rest of the Pirates are advancing.
In a gesture of spite and for the 5 xp, the Dalek exterminated the troublesome Ruffian.
The Robomen kick in their pain suppressors and fall back, chased by the pirates.
The Dalek and one Roboman successfully break contact. The last Roboman is safe unless more Pirates arrive and cut him off.
A horde of pirates is closing.
On the left flank, another horde or Pirates. Multiple Shock Troopers are closing on the Dalek position
The last reinforcements are two more Shock Troopers but fortunately they are far enough away that they are out of LOS. The last Roboman escapes the battle area.

So that battle lasted 10 turns with several running fights over several different areas of the table.

So my relatively crappy rolls for shooting turned around when it came to survival rolls. Everyone made good survival rolls, even my free runner survived so I don't need to go back to the mines and get a new one.

Here is a picture of the pirates that chased my team off the table. There are 4 pirate troopers, a renegade and 6 shock troopers. I also managed to take down 1 shock trooper, 1 pirate and 1 renegade before having to exfiltrate. 
So I made it off with 205 experience and a 350 Cr bounty. The Treasure turned out to be a jump pack. its a bit underwhelming compared to a 40k jump pack but its got good potential, especially when you need to get up a flight of stairs.


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