The Daleks invasion of Stargrave

I got some models from Black Tree Design, these seemed to get lost in the Time Vortex, but really it was USPS.

I now have a painted Dalek team for Stargrave. My Daleks are armoured troopers supported by Robomen and slave workers pulled from the mines.

I also have scratch built a Dalek Saucer with landing legs and a ramp.

In their first mission they are engaged in a war with another Terry Nation creation, Servalan and her Federation security team. 

The Planet is dark and covered in jagged crystals. These explode at the worst possible moment. The darkness will make shooting harder. So we have two bad guy teams neither renown for their accuracy trying to shoot each other in the dark.

Servelans, security team consisted of an Armoured Trooper, 2 Burners, 2 Troopers, 2 Recruits, a Pathfinder and a wardog.

Turn 1

The Dalek Supreme activated his energy shield and moved forwards with some mine workers.

The Pathfinder shoots the mine worker, the Federation recruit shoots another mine worker. Both mine workers are stunned and wounded.
The Lieutenant enhances the targeting on the Dalek trooper and led another group forwards. Everyone else ran forwards.

The Crystals ignited and zapped a recruit but he dodged out of the way.

Turn 2
The Robomen Sentries open fire and one hits a recruit
The Dalek Supreme misses the approaching burner bot
The Burner bot hits a mine worker leaving him stunned and wounded, the pathfinder misses a follow up shot.
The wardog charges the mine worker but ends up taking 4 damage
The mine workers come under fire from a number of sources they then charge the burner rather than try and win a shooting fight.
The Dalek trooper shoots the armoured trooper and does 11 damage to the huge robot.
The Special weapons Dalek advanges and lays down a huge gout of flame, this misses everyone except a trooper at the back who is roasted to a crisp.
The two wounded mine workers shake off their stun.
The Sentry and the pathfinder engage in some close combat.
The Crystals flared again and the recruit dodged out of the way.

Turn 3
The Dalek Supreme misses the burner bot
The burner bot misses the mine worker when she ducks back behind the wall.
The wardog attacks the mine worker and both die in a draw.
The recruit misses the mine worker
The sentry wins against the pathfinder and pushes it back, a recruit misses the other sentry and the armoured trooper hits a sentry for 2 damage.
Servelan misses with her lightning gun.
In the fight with the burner the two mine workers take down the soldier and then move over and unlock the data cache.
The Special weapons Dalek opens fire and this time hits Servalan for 10 damage. leaving her stunned. This will trigger her programming to try and escape off the table
The Dalek misses the armoured trooper
The Sentry bashed the recruit for 8 damage.
In the roll of the game so far the wounded mine worker critical hits the burner bot and kills it.
The Crystals zap the Dalek trooper for 6 damage.

Turn  4
The Dalek Supreme misses the recruit with his blaster but then moves into contact and then suckers the recruit for 6 damage
The other recruit hits the sentry for 2
The armoured trooper misses the Lieutant
The trooper misses the mine worker and Servean misses another
The Sentry gets hit for 10 points by the Pathfinder
The mine worker escapes off the table with the data cache
The wounded recruit turns the table and wounds the Sentry
Both the special weapons Dalek and the Dalek trooper miss
The Crystal criticals the Recruit fighting the Black Dalek

Turn 5
The Black Dalek misses Servalan and the moves to cut off Servalan's retreat. 
The Sentry and the recruit fight and the recruit takes 4 damage
Servalan misses the black Dalek and then tries to retreat.
The trooper misses the mine workers at the Data Cache
The Pathfinder pushes the wounded mine worker into the toxic pool but takes 8 damage in the process
The Sentry then finishes off the pathfinder and pushes her into the pool next to the mine worker.
The other Sentry bashes the recruit again for 7 more damage, the recruit is now down to his last wound.
The Dalek trooper bounces a shot off the armoured trooper.
The Special Weapon Dalek hits Servalan for 2 points of damage so she is now wounded and stranded in the middle of the battlefield.
This turn the Crystals do nothing
Turn 6
The Black Dalek misses Servalan with its blaster, talk about can't hit the side of a barn and then moves into contact
The Armoured Trooper races back to try and save Servaan. He takes a sucker to the knee and goes out of action.
The trooper misses the mine worker.
The trooper makes a critical dodge to get out of the way of the special weapons Dalek
The mine worker misses the trooper
The Crystal misses the special weapons Dalek.
Servalan attacks the black Dalek and gets taken out with a sucker to the face.

Turn 7
The Black Dalek shoots the trooper
The Roboman shoots the trooper for 7 damage
The Lieutenant finishes off the trooper
The Recruit wounds the Dalek trooper and is then taken out by the Sentry.
The Lieutenant and the mine worker collect the last data cache and the exploding crystal misses the mine worker.
After the game The Daleks have 205 experience and 650 credits in their hold.
This allows the team to recruit 2 more Daleks and 2 more Robomen Sentries.

Here is the new team, we kept the most successful mine worker and sent the others back.


  1. Thanks for sharing the very interesting report with the excellent pictures. Great work on the saucer. I am in the process of creating a Dalek crew for Stargrave and I am curious as to how you calculated the points for the 400cr crew? Were the Captain and the First Mate both cyborgs?

    1. The Captain is a cyborg and the first mate is a veteran. Both have the armoury skill and in this game both made their rolls. In the initial crew allocation I did not spend 150 Cr so I could cover the costs of running the three Daleks. For Combat armour it says you have to pay the costs before the game even the first. Otherwise I could have bought another couple of Robomen.
      Even though the Robomen are mostly biological I have given them the Robot attribute, I think this makes them a bit tougher.

  2. Thanks for the information, that will help with building my crew.


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