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Hobby update - building the space fleet.

I bought some space craft toys from the Lightyear movie. I then repainted them with a scheme inspired by the original Battlestar Galactica series. The craft are painted in AK interactive Silver Grey. They are then washed with a dark wash I got from Kapiti Hobbies. Once the excess is wiped off it does a good job of a panel line wash. I masked off the canopies and then cleaned off any leakage with a toothpick. I masked off the red lines with masking tape and then stippled on the red using a couple of different shades. The upper surface stripes once the masking is removed. You can see the canopies masked. With the masking on. Doing it this way was quicker than painting specific panels and allowed me to do stripes that don't always follow the panel lines. I also got this Zurg ship. The canopy is masked off and is a vibrant green underneath. This is a spray gunmetal with a dark washed into the panel lines and the excess wiped off. I have then been highlighting it with Vallejo Air Pale b

Hobby update - tropical paradise

 I have finished my tropical village kit from Sarissa Precision. The village consists of three houses, a meeting house and an animal pen. The buildings come with a nice level of detail without being too complex. I bought some Japanese buildings a while back and they don't have the raised details on the walls to represent the vertical posts. I did add matchsticks to the roof ridges to fill in the gaps between the wooden panels. I painted the buildings with a series of different colours ranging from dark brown to beige. The buildings are now in a variety of shades. I also textured the bases of each building and then glued and painted woodland scenic clump foliage around the edge of the buildings. The buildings are photographed on my Rangers of Shadow Deep mat. This is a nice rural 3 by 3 mat.

Hobby update - Terrain kits

I have been building some MDF kits from Sarissa Precision. I like their kits, they are the right balance between detail and complexity. Here are a couple of sets I got for our Pulp games. I filed the wings into an airfoil , shape and the propellor blades to something like the correct shape. It also got some light weathering. This is the seaplane, perfect for a quick getaway with the treasure.  This is the pacific village. This consists of a council hut, three houses and an animal pen. I had a lot of fun watching how Mel the Terrain Tutor did his. Lots of brown, grey and black washes were used on this village The roofs come off so you could have fights inside. The Council house is quite fragile, because its just some MDF posts that hold up the roof.  

Carnevale - Back to Venice with the Gifted faction

 Alan and I got in a game of Carnevale yesterday down at the club. It was April fools so Alan was using his Pulcinella's. These are somewhat crazed drunken louts. Some of which are riding Ostritchs. Apparently there is even a scenario involving racing your Ostriches around the board. Talk about Wacky Racers. I was using my Gifted. I got some of these models to fill in holes in other lists because the Gifted can be mercenaries in any faction. After buying a few mercenaries it was only the matter of buying a few more models to make a gang. I have not used the gifted before so it will be interested to see how they go. Here are some of the Gifted coming out of the restaurant, Some of them without leaving a tip. Here are some of the Pulcinella's.  Here come the Ostrich riders. Alan and I had great fun making Bawwk Kaw noises all game. Here we are running over the bridge. The Crossbowman has picked up an elevated position ready to snipe down range. Il Capteano and the Duke are leadin