Hobby update - Terrain kits

I have been building some MDF kits from Sarissa Precision. I like their kits, they are the right balance between detail and complexity. Here are a couple of sets I got for our Pulp games.

I filed the wings into an airfoil , shape and the propellor blades to something like the correct shape. It also got some light weathering.
This is the seaplane, perfect for a quick getaway with the treasure. 
This is the pacific village. This consists of a council hut, three houses and an animal pen.
I had a lot of fun watching how Mel the Terrain Tutor did his. Lots of brown, grey and black washes were used on this village
The roofs come off so you could have fights inside. The Council house is quite fragile, because its just some MDF posts that hold up the roof.


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