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Frostgrave - hunted

On Saturday I got to play the monsters against James's Warband. James had been raiding a Barbarian camp. One the way back to base some barbarians and Foul horns have picked up their trail. In this scenario, James's crew have to get to the other end of a table. They can't go too quickly because a dimensional rift is slowly withdrawing across the table. Fortunately James's crew was at full strength.   Here is James's warband. They are elves, loaded down with magic gear. James has two pimped out constructs. Dun, dun dun. A Foul horn (gorilla )emerges between two buildings and a couple of blood mad Berserkers (Dwarfs) are ready to back it up. A similar force are emerging from the other side. A melee breaks out in the center of the table.  James's elven mage is mind controlling the attackers like mad. They can shake it off but its enough to slow them down and it doesn't damage them so they don't respawn. One of the foulhorns has made it into contact with some

Building a new house

 I needed a 3 room house for the first Red King Scenario. I decided to make one because it would give me some more terrain for my collection. I made the house modular so all the rooms are separate and can be used as separate buildings. Each room has its own separate roof. Here are the walls without their roofs. The whole structure is made of foamcore. The Rooms all fit inside each other to reduce the storage space The roofs also fit inside each other *at the moment. Here is a building after the detail has been added. The outer skin is a flagstones texture roller on DAS clay, cut into strips and wrapped around the foam core. It is then sprayed and then painted in several shades of blue grey. The roofs are textured with tinfoil folded to resemble metal foil. This is then painted in a number of shades of brown with a green wash. This kind of looks like ancient bronze sheeting. This is the third building. Unfortunately, the exterior of the second roof is slightly too large with the clay ap

Frostgrave the Red King is Coming

James and I got a game of Frostgrave in at the club. We played the first Scenario. A troll has taken up residence in a house and there is some treasure nearby. This house is even near some bridges. This scenario has quite a bit going on, there is a troll and a guaranteed 6 Blood Marked Berserkers in addition to the standard rolls for monsters. This is the table layout. Here are my crew with the new models, all the original metal models have been replaced.  The team push forwards we have an illusionary soldier, a ghost of one of the knights of the Round Table, maybe this is Sir Gwain the Green Knight. James has some constructs supercharged by the Fast and Furious crew and one of them as gotten close enough to trigger the troll moving towards them I have used some Transpose shenanigan's to move WIll Scarlet into the other treasure room. We have moved past the other treasure. Then reality cracked and in a twist of fate James rolled 6 times and pulled the troll and 4 of his warband int