Building a new house

 I needed a 3 room house for the first Red King Scenario. I decided to make one because it would give me some more terrain for my collection.

I made the house modular so all the rooms are separate and can be used as separate buildings. Each room has its own separate roof.
Here are the walls without their roofs. The whole structure is made of foamcore.
The Rooms all fit inside each other to reduce the storage space
The roofs also fit inside each other *at the moment.
Here is a building after the detail has been added. The outer skin is a flagstones texture roller on DAS clay, cut into strips and wrapped around the foam core. It is then sprayed and then painted in several shades of blue grey.
The roofs are textured with tinfoil folded to resemble metal foil. This is then painted in a number of shades of brown with a green wash. This kind of looks like ancient bronze sheeting.
This is the third building. Unfortunately, the exterior of the second roof is slightly too large with the clay applied to fit inside the largest roof. This is mildly annoying but not critical
This is he completed building, the whole building is about 18" long. So it makes for a great objective and blocks Line of Sight. After this photo I added some snow patches to the roofs to give it that Frostgrave look. 


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