Frostgrave - hunted

On Saturday I got to play the monsters against James's Warband. James had been raiding a Barbarian camp. One the way back to base some barbarians and Foul horns have picked up their trail.

In this scenario, James's crew have to get to the other end of a table. They can't go too quickly because a dimensional rift is slowly withdrawing across the table.

Fortunately James's crew was at full strength. 

 Here is James's warband. They are elves, loaded down with magic gear. James has two pimped out constructs.

Dun, dun dun. A Foul horn (gorilla )emerges between two buildings and a couple of blood mad Berserkers (Dwarfs) are ready to back it up. A similar force are emerging from the other side.

A melee breaks out in the center of the table. 
James's elven mage is mind controlling the attackers like mad. They can shake it off but its enough to slow them down and it doesn't damage them so they don't respawn.
One of the foulhorns has made it into contact with someone interesting in James's party. I think it's his bard.
The first wave of berserkers and foulhorns are taken down and respawn
A group of Berserker reinforcements arrive on the edge of the table. The Elf mage mind controls one of them and the all end up in a tangle of arms legs axes and hair crests. A Foulhorn is mugging the man at arms and the apothecary.

James's elves make it off the table, they lost two constructs the mana at arms and the Apothecary. However James saved his best rolls of the game for his survival rolls, so they all got better.

Back at James's stylish Elven pad, his crew relaxed in that traditional elven fashion and swam around in pools of gold, or is that Dragons?

This is a quick scenario this took us a couple of hours.


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