Frostgrave the Red King is Coming

James and I got a game of Frostgrave in at the club. We played the first Scenario. A troll has taken up residence in a house and there is some treasure nearby. This house is even near some bridges. This scenario has quite a bit going on, there is a troll and a guaranteed 6 Blood Marked Berserkers in addition to the standard rolls for monsters.

This is the table layout.
Here are my crew with the new models, all the original metal models have been replaced. 
The team push forwards we have an illusionary soldier, a ghost of one of the knights of the Round Table, maybe this is Sir Gwain the Green Knight.
James has some constructs supercharged by the Fast and Furious crew and one of them as gotten close enough to trigger the troll moving towards them
I have used some Transpose shenanigan's to move WIll Scarlet into the other treasure room. We have moved past the other treasure.
Then reality cracked and in a twist of fate James rolled 6 times and pulled the troll and 4 of his warband into the centre room. This turned out OK because his warband was able to gang up and quickly defeat the troll.
My team are extracting he second treasure and I have laid down some mud to slow James's advance.
Robin has moved around to the other side to try and distract James. 
Our new Thief, Mildred de Bracy is making her way back to our board edge.
We did this wrong and had a second reality cracks, which randomly moved all models 6" causing them to drop all treasures.
James ahs also put a wall to cover the doorway into the central room.

James warband is still sorting itself out after being randomly shuffled around on the board.
A second troll arrived as a result of a random monster. It is now attacking Sir Gwain. The Berserker in the tower got blinded and then shook it off.
Mildred has raced back to pick up her treasure, this is more difficult than it looks.
A giant worm has arrived to see what all the noise is about.
One of James's men at arms has ended up in the room with Will and my new Man at arms. after a couple of rounds of fighting where wounds are given and received James's elf warrior is dispatched. The rest of the elves are picking up the treasure and making a quick get away.
My team are now withdrawing.
It didn't take the troll long to defeat the knight and disperse the illusion. The fight is going on the the house.
A Blood Marked Berserker is trying to cut us off. Edward is standing firm.
The Worm had been mid controlled by James and I managed to get the mind control off and dispel the wall to give it LOS to the elves. But James's apprentice recast the wall. Marion has moved into combat with the Berserker because that's worth XP. Edward found his first swing blocked and nearly died to the Berserkers counter attack. The Berserker attacked again and walked right into an axe to the face. The burning lunatic went down in a heap. Fortunately none of my models activated while in combat so didn't get hit for the auto damage. Marion then patched up Edward.
Much is carrying the treasure while Nasir fights off a second Berserker. Nasir quickly defeated his opponent.
Tat worm is getting awfully close and there is another Berserker and a Skeleton knight.
Will Scarlet, Nasir, Edward and Richard defeat the last of the monsters. The Berserker burst into flames and that killed the worm and then we were able to finally kill the skeleton after it had killed two of my warband members.

Robert of Huntingdon had quite a mini adventure, he got mind controlled by James and then shot at one of my guys and missed with his captain shoot bonus, then he got sent into combat with an armoured Skeleton but the Skellie smashed him into the dirt with a Crit 20.

The same Skellie then killed one of my infantrymen with a 19. So he was some kind of undead former hero.

We ended up maxed out at 300 xp and got two items a magic staff and a magic flail. Robin and Bertrand both recovered. The Undead champion apparently sparing them for a rematch.

So all in all not a bad game.

Now to track these barbarians back to camp.


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