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Hobby Update - Trench Warfare

 I have been making some trench terrain. These could be used for all sorts of games, especially weird WW1 games like A War Transformed or The Last War. They could also see service in Stargrave or 40k. I got inspired be the terrain Ash Barker was using in his last war games. Rather than making trench boards he had a series or square hills made to look like the edges of trenches. This makes the amount of terrain you need to build much less. Here are some of the first generation pieces, laid out to show the look of the trenches. Some BEF models for scale. These are scraps of polystyrene cut into squares and triangles and then covered in popsicle sticks and match sticks. You need a lot of sticks A quick model's eye view down a trench I made Private Frazier a dug out with a roof of more sticks and matches. I got inspired by Mel The Terrain Tutors Trench set. He moddeled craters into his pieces. I also built some pieces that slope down to no one's land. If you extend the bottom of th

Case 6 from another point of view

 Inquisitor Malus was leading her team into another part of Station 37. Alan and George paired up for a game and played their version of the Medlab mission. Its likely that there are multiple labs in different part of the station. Its not like I know anything after the Squats cleaned out the logs and databases in the lab I went to. This is Alan's game mat. I think its an infinity one. The walls are mine from Death Ray Designs. Inquisitor Malus ran into some Orks and negotiations on how to divide the loot were intense, loud and bloody. I think three out of 11 members of the inquisition made it off the table under their own power and several more are nursing bumps and bruises.  Reports suggest that the casualty rate for the Orks was similar.  Apparently the Grot with spanner is the most dangerous type of fighter in the warband.

Case 6 - Investigating Watch Station 37

After our battle on the plague infested derelict space craft, we discovered that the escape pods and small craft had been launched. The thought of dozens of craft floating around the system filled with plague zombies was horrifying. They could spread plague across the system and even beyond if infected ships fled the system. Watch Station 37 was in the outer system and monitored the shipping entering and leaving the system from one of the more stable points in the warp. It was relatively small with only about 3000 crew.  When we intercepted a transmission from one of their Search and Rescue units stating that they had recovered an old imperial shuttle and were taking the crew to Medlab. Then there were some garbled and panicked transmissions ending in silence. So we set off to find out what magnitude of disaster was unfolding. If we could not get any outbreaks under control we might have to exterminatus the entire system. We finally boarded the station, it was quiet, too quiet. So, we

Stargrave Case 5 - Boarding a wrecked starship

We made it back to base after escaping from the maze. The astropathic choir started going crazy, or at least more crazy than usual. Here are the 20 Minuters ready for their next mission. We activated the weapons locker. First, we hired an engineer, who got us a good deal with the local Mechanicus. The Lieutenant broke out her power armour and Inquisitor Rathbourne got the activation codes for a cyber cherub. Things started to become more understandable when the space watch started sending out alert messages about something emerging from the warp at the edge of the system. Scans suggested it was an ancient spacecraft. Probably badly damaged, the telemetry was badly garbled, definitely an older code. After what seemed to be an interminable journey to the outer reaches of the system the ship showed up in the scanners. "I told you to go before we left Derek, I am not turning this gunship around!" We started picking up some life signs on the scanners, concentrated near the command

Stargrave 40K - Case 4 the Tesseract Vault

After defeating the Genestealers in the swamp and killing the Magos, Inquisitor Rathbourne led his crew in pursuit of Malus. It looked like Malus's band had excavated their way into a huge subsurface cavern. In the cavern there was a strange glyph covered pyramid like building. "Well that doesn't look ominous at all." The interior of the structure was comprised of a series of small rooms. The rooms changed configuration according to some complex algorithm that defied understanding. The complex is also full of Necrons.  The Necron lord and his bodyguard. The Inquisitor leads his warband into a room filled with Necron Warriors. The Necrons are defeated but the price is the loss of the flagellant. The Necron lord leads his troops towards Malus. As doors open and close, new pathways are opened for the Necrons. Multiple bogies closing on our position. The Inquisitor and Space Marine advanced further into the building. Malus and her warband were having a warm reception from