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Ghost Archipelago - Swamp Zombie Islands

We got in another game of Ghost Archipelago at the club this weekend. We tried out the Swampland scenario. This gave everyone experience in boats which we will need for Call to Arms. This mission involved getting to a complex of islands covered in overgrown ruins. Unfortunately these were infested with Swamp Zombies. Everyone got into their boats, and with cries of Row row row your boat set of for the middle of the table.  Here are my crew. I have one boat and 2 canoes. I need to put the canoes on bases, they are great but they are a bit unstable especially if balancing models on the. This is Alan's crew, one of his boats has already been the victim of a shark attack. Richard's Crew has one large boat and two small boats. Thomas has put a lot of work into his crew and they look really good, he also has two great looking boats. This is the central island complex. In the original scenario for 2 players there are 3 islands. I increased it so there is one small

Greek Themed Terrain

I got some nice MDF terrain from Sarissa Precision. It took only a week to get here from the UK which is very quick. I got a farmstead, a mini temple or shrine and a vineyard. I need to add foliage to the vineyard and some grit to the base but its very good. I have also been making a Greek Style temple. This is for our upcoming Ghost Archipelago game at Call to Arms. But it might also get used for Historical games. This is scratch built out of foam core, extruded plastic sheet and the dome if plastered over a kitchen sieve.  Here is the initial build  Here it is after the dome is built and painting is underway Here is the bottom after some grime is applied. I used craft paints. Ideally I should have used an oil wash. Now I need to add some clump foliage to make it a bit overgrown. In between being really sick for the last month, I have been building a Hoplite Greek army. This is about 90% plastic. The hoplites are from Warlord Games,  the cavalry and peltasts